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What If It’s Us (the book review and my thoughts on the musical!)

So what if it’s us? What if it’s us and only us? And what came before, won’t count anymore, or matter. Can we try that?

Becky Abertalli has always been one of my favourite authors (Simon VS and The Upside of Unrequited are forever faves), so when I saw this book and read the premise I knew I’d love it? Plus, Adam Silvera (this is a co-written book) has also been super hyped so it was always going to be a win-win situation.

So, in my first post back since December (February will see me posting regularly – speaking it into existence) I’m posting my first ever full book review (crazy) and also… I saw the musical that inspired the title so you can stay tuned for my thoughts on that too ;).

The Things I Loved

• THE CHARACTERS: Arthur and Ben had my heart from the get go. Especially Arthur. I adored his voice and his musical references and just everything about him, and the initial meeting of these two had my heart bursting. Both of them just felt so real and pure and soft and I want to be friends with them please.

• PART 1: Okay, so I did love the whole book don’t get me wrong, but each section definitely varied for me in terms of stars (which is partly what prevented me from gifting the full five stars). Part 1 was incredible. I don’t want to spoil it but it was my favourite and had the whole 5 stars straight away. Section 2 though was still good don’t get me wrong, but was probably a 3.5. And the last part was 4 stars. But don’t let this put you off if you haven’t read the book because it was probably just me and my mood whilst reading??

• THE MUSICAL REFERENCES: As a self-confessed theatre nerd, the musical references throughout had my heart soaring. Hamilton is my number three favourite and Dear Evan Hansen (after seeing it yesterday) is definitely at the number 2 spot.

Bit off topic but if you’re interested, here’s my top 5!
1. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
2. Dear Evan Hansen
3. Hamilton
4. Waitress
5. Newsies

• THE PLOT LINE: I really loved the whole plot it was just super cute and I was rooting for them from the get go. The rush and anticipation of part 1 was incredible and I just loved the whole feel of the book if that makes sense.

• THE ROMANCE: It was adorable. Too. Freaking. Cute.

• SIDE CHARACTERS: I also loved the side characters in this book and each one felt so real too? Dylan was so sweet and actually reminded me of Jared from Dear Evan Hansen (and for some reason I was picturing Arthur as Ben Platt). Ethan and Jesse and Samantha were also nice (such a limp word I’m so sorry) but did feel so real. And the two girls from the office, Juliet and Namrata always had something to say which I loved.

The Things I Didn’t Love:

I refuse to accept it.

And also something. Something stopped me from giving it a full five stars and I’m not entirely sure what? But there we go :).

Dear Evan Hansen

A slight side note but I figured I’d put it in this post rather than a whole post on it’s own because it does relate (the part 1/2/3 titles are Dear Evan Hansen lyrics – I squealed when I realised). But yesterday I saw Dear Evan Hansen at the Noel Coward theatre (London Westend) and it was INCREDIBLE. It was so intense at times but it was just insane. It has always been one of my favourite cast recordings but hearing it in person and seeing the story play out has made me love it even more. Marcus Harman as Evan was also incredible omg, his characterization was spot on and his voice was perfect. It still really confuses me though how similar all the Evans sound haha.

My favourite songs to see were: Good For You, Sincerely Me, Disappear, Only Us and You Will Be Found.

But yeah it was amazing – I can’t even think of enough positive adjectives to describe the show. Our view was also brilliant as my mum surprised me with a box which was so cool?? It was just the best day.

Have you read What if It’s Us? Do you want to? Do you like musicals?? And if so what are your faves??


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6 thoughts on “What If It’s Us (the book review and my thoughts on the musical!)

  1. Ah… the musical references must have been so cool in this book. I love listening to the soundtracks on spotify (recent favourites are She Used to Be Mine and You Will Be Found– I’m so glad you got to see Dear Evan Hanson, it sounds like an awesome play and I’m so happy you had a nice time)!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed this and liked the characters, romance and plot. I’m sorry a few bit were disappointing though. I haven’t read this book myself but I’m so happy you enjoyed it and I loved hearing your thoughts!! ❤

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