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The Pros and (mainly) Cons of being a Mood Reader

Hey guys! First of all can we just preface this post with a round of applause for me (promise I’m not being bigheaded <3) because this is the first time since like October that I’ve had more than 1 post out in a month!! And this isn’t a recap!

Second of all – let’s introduce the post! So. The infamous tbr. Pages and pages of a Goodreads list; minutes of scrolling through the books I’ve bought on my Kindle. Books I want to reread (before getting to sequels or just for fun). No wonder us bookworms find it difficult to choose what books to read next – there are just too many?!

Although it varies from person to person I am 100% a mood reader. Monthly tbr lists don’t work for me, and nor does picking randomly – I need to be in the mood for a book or I just won’t like it?? So although mood reading does have it’s perks (e.g. 90% of the time the book will be at least a 3.5 star because I’m in the mood for it??), at the same time, there are definitely negatives. So let’s get into it! :).


Original Broadway Cast of Waitress – The Negative Lyrics ...
5 pts to you if you get why I’m using this gif 😉
  • Not getting through the TBR list: The biggest issue with me being a mood reader is that it’s so hard to get through the tbr list because I’m always in the mood to reread?? This might not be the case for all mood readers but oh my goodness is it a difficult choice to make. I have so many books I want to get through on my tbr and yet I’m always in the mood to reread old favourites or even old books that weren’t favourites. It’s a struggle because while the tbr list is constantly growing, I’m hardly making a dent in it.
  • Sometimes it ruins books on my tbr list: take my most recent read, What If It’s Us, I gave the book 4 stars. And it was amazing (click the book title to read the full review)! But parts of it definitely varied for me in terms of my enjoyment, to the point where one part of it I gave 3.5 stars and another the full 5? So even if I know I really want to read a book and even if it’s been on my tbr for ages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll enjoy it when I get round to it. If I’m not in the mood? Another example is ‘Moxie’ which I gave 2 stars the first time I read it and then 3.75 the next?
  • Not reading when the hype is: one big thing is that I’m never in the mood to read new releases?? Which means I never get to books at the peak of their hype, and then I feel like I’m missing out? For example, Red White and Royal Blue sounds really good but I still haven’t read it. So when every other blog post in my reader was about this book and how amazing it was I didn’t know what anyone was talking about & every comment became ‘Can’t wait to read this! On the tbr!’. I tend to miss out on the initial hype which is a shame?
  • Hitting a slump: the worst thing is when I hit a slump and am not in the mood for anything. Which seems to be happening at the moment. I just finished the Caraval series which was so insane, then Loveboat, Taipei which I really enjoyed, and then a reread of my all-time favourite The Hate U Give. So what do I read now?? Nothing’s appealing to me at the moment after such reading success?!
    On the flip scale of this though is when I’m in the mood for EVERYTHING. Then how am I supposed to pick?

How do you pick what books to read next? Are you a mood reader? Do you relate to anything I’ve mentioned?


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24 thoughts on “The Pros and (mainly) Cons of being a Mood Reader

  1. I’m a huge mood reader! I’ve never been able to stick to a TBR, but I think what affects me too is the amount of books I have. Right now I’ve been buying from the library and while I borrowed a lot I know I won’t read them all. Having less to choose from makes it easier to pick books out. I love being a mood reader tho! It’s all about the pleasure of reading 😊

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    1. Oh yeah definitely – all the options make it so much harder to choose a book to read! Having less options definitely makes it easier – I just find it harder to choose which to borrow!
      But yeah – as long as I’m enjoying the books! I find there are more cons than pros but the pros outweigh the cons still :).
      Thanks for reading & commenting!

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a post quite so much … the mood reading slump is real. And re-reads? YES! Because I know they’ll give me EXACTLY what I’m looking for!

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  3. Ahhh yes!! I never really knew what the word for it was, but after reading your post, I’d definitely agree that I am a mood reader too. I always switch around based on how I’m feeling, and I can never to stick to a monthly TBR either 🙈

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  4. Ahhh I am SUCH a mood reader! I think I’ve stuck to a TBR maybe twice in my life? 😂I definitely feel like I read more books when I just let myself read whatever I’m in the mood for, rather than forcing myself to pick up new releases etc. But yes, I totally get what you mean – I get mad FOMO when everyone else is raving about the latest & greatest & I’m just not in the mood to pick it up? 😅

    Great post & hey, 2 posts in one month is better than what Nish & I are doing! 😂

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same!! I’m so bad at sticking with them – I’ve given up making them at this point haha.
      & Yes, I used to try and force myself through books I wasn’t in the mood for but I’ve found its best for me now to just give it a miss and come back to it another time. At least the reviews will just make me more excited to read it in the future?!
      Thank you for reading & commenting Ngoc – and 2 posts for me is very unexpected haha💗

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  5. I’m a mood read for sure. Though I’ve noticed my moods tend to shift with the time of year and it repeats…each year from what I’ve noticed. I crave contemporaries throughout Jan-July sometimes I’ll have a craving for a different genre or specific book throughout the months and then Aug – Dec I tend to read fantasy/urban fantasy/paranormal romance with the odd contemporary thrown in or different genre.


  6. I am such a mood reader as well! It also sucks because when i have an arc I try and wait to read it when im in the mood… but that makes it really hard for me to post reviews on time haha! and I am currently in a slump… haha any five star read recs?? I also dont usually read books when the “hype” is at its peaks and often read books w high hype longgg after they are published! Great post!


    1. Oh my gosh yeah, I didn’t even think of ARCs! I can see that being so difficult because I know I’ve read a few books where I’ve not been in the mood and so given it a low rating, and then reread it later on and loved it.
      The Hate U Give, Six of Crows, Caraval, With The Fire on High and Cinder are some of my faves! Hope you get out of the slump soon!
      Thanks for reading and commenting x

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      1. I haven’t read The Hate U Give or With the fire on high yet so I’ll have to try and give them a read!! Thanks for the recs 😊


  7. OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS. I’m so bad at reading new releases too??? i feel like I read wayyyy less than other bloggers because… i REALLY have to be in the mood t read a book, and I REALLY want to have to read that SPECIFIC book… otherwise I just want to hurl it out of the window and never look at it again! This was such a great post : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I’m glad you liked it & could relate!💞
      It’s so frustrating sometimes and yes!! on needing a specific book. I recently dnf’d 4 books before I settled on my current read even though I’m pretty sure I’ll like the ones I ditched??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!! I don’t even understand how my brain decides?? Those 4 books I read a chapter of and was instantly like nope :)) But now, even though I’m reading another book my head is telling me to go back to one I ditched ://

        Liked by 1 person

      2. do it!!! don’t force yourself to read a book you don’t feel like reading!! that’s the worrrrst thing. i cannot do that at allllll. OR JUST READ BOTH AT THE SAME TIME?????????? (lol indecisiveness CAN win!)


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