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My 5 favourite books of 2019 // the best of the (very small) bunch

Hi guys?! Welcome back to my blog, A Literary Latte after so so so long! It’s been forever since I wrote a blog post (September to be exact), but alas I have returned. I’m sure you’re all super excited to hear the news.

So. It’s 2020 in 4 days. Four-freaking-days. Which is crazy. Absolutely insane. And so it’s time to define my year in terms of the best books I read. I have no clue what my total this year was (so I definitely need to get organised with my tracking next year) but that just highlights that these truly were fantastic – because I have no clue what books I read this year other than these select few which stood out to me!! Wow!!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


We’re starting out with a goody. Probably the best book I read this year because WHAT A FREAKING BOOK. And why on earth did I wait this long to read it?? Why. I admit it’s because the blurb did not appeal to me whatsoever, and I’m not usually a fantasy person (give me all the cheesy, mostly happily ever after contemporaries please <3.) but I’m so glad it was 99p on Amazon which prompted me to pick it up anyway!

This was insane. A solid 10/5 stars. Kaz Brekker, Nina, Matthew, Inej, Jesper, Wylan they were all amazing. The plot was incredible and had me literally unable to stop reading. The characters were all so well written and now all have my heart forever. It was just incredible and I cannot wait to get to Crooked Kingdom (although I suck with sequels so you’ll likely see that in my 2025 wrap-up:).

Cinder by Marisa Meyer


This is another book I’ve had on my tbr and promised I’d read for ages and so 2019 was the year of getting to the backlist!! I was so impressed with this one, even though again the blurb didn’t have me reaching for it that eagerly. But it was so good. So good. THE ENDING THOUGH was so frustrating (in a cliffhanger way) but the fact that the next book in the series isn’t from Cinder’s perspective has me CONFUSED at how they’ll wrap this one up. Very confused.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson


Morgan Matson’s books were again 99p on Amazon and so I picked up all the ones I haven’t read (Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour is still yet to be read but other than that – all completed) and oh my goodness. Even though it was an epic cheese-fest 99% of the time, and we all knew exactly what was going to happen from the get go; I still enjoyed it. But the main reason it’s made it to the list even though it wasn’t crazy special is IT MADE ME CRY. LIKE UGLY CRY. I hardly ever have an actual reaction to books (laughing out loud, crying etc) but this book. Wow. Even though the ending was super expected (so you can obviously guess what made me cry just from the synopsis) it still had me in tears. And many of them.

On the Come up by Angie Thomas

35887567. sy475

THIS BOOK. Angie Thomas has 110% become one of my auto-buy authors now because The Hate U Give was beautiful and On The Come Up was just the same. Incredible. I was so nervous to read it because I love The Hate U Give endlessly (I’m also tempted to reread it now that I’ve thought about it) but I ended up loving it!! Both of the books are so different so I wasn’t even comparing the two as I read it which I was happy about. It was just so good! Highly recommend and definitely another 5 star read from Thomas.

This Savage Song by Veronica Roth

40642172. sy475

So… this is kind of cheating because this is a reread. But I hadn’t read it in ages (only my second time) so it was practically new anyway?? But I’m so glad I reread it because it was amazing and I adored it. Schwab’s writing was incredible – I loved Kate and August, the plot was insane, the world building was crazy and I just loved it. Other notable rereads though include Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Abertalli) and Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) which again – adored.

And there you have it?! My top 5 books of 2019 which was surprisingly easy for me to pick out but are are all fab nonetheless!

But what were your top reads of 2019?
Is it possible for you to pick just a few out??
Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned and considering you all yelled at me in this post – ARE YOU PROUD I’VE READ AND LOVED SIX OF CROWS?!


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19 thoughts on “My 5 favourite books of 2019 // the best of the (very small) bunch

  1. Welcome back, Emme!! I’ve been absent for most of the last few months too, but it’s lovely to see a post from you and I really enjoyed reading this.💗
    Six of Crows is so good! I think it might make my list of favorites this year as well! I haven’t really put a lot of thought into my list yet but you got my wheels turning. Crooked Kingdom is so good, and even though I feel you with never reading sequels, it’s definitely worth the read. All the characters’ relationships go deeper, you get to know them better, and it’s just…SO GOOD, OKAY.
    I need to reread Second Chance Summer! I remember telling myself after I read it that it was my favorite Morgan Matson book, but I don’t remember any of the details.
    Happy reading in the new year!

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    1. Ahh thanks Olivia!!💗
      I promise I’ll get to it in 2020! I loved Six of Crows so much so I am super determined to finish this series. I leave way too many series unfinished even if I loved the first (Cinder & Caraval being other examples).
      Aw I did enjoy Second Chance Summer and as it was quite a quick read definitely try reread it if you can! I really enjoyed it even if it had the most bittersweet ending.
      Happy new year!!x

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  2. even though i feel like 2019 was a long year, i can not believe we only have four days left of the year. i feel like december went in the blink of an eye!
    six of crows is indeed an amazing book. i was really happy to have picked up and even though it took me a year to pick up the sequel, it was just as good. even if it takes you a long time to read crooked kingdom, i’m sure the experience will still be amazing! these characters are sort of unforgettable.
    on the other hand, cinder was one that i never continued on, and i don’t know why! the first book was so good – i’m obsessed with cinderella re-tellings, but still, i was so surprised by how unique and interesting this one was – and i really should’ve read the rest of the series by now, but i keep procrastinating it, lol.
    morgan mason is such a famous contemporary author and even though i am a huge fan of the genre, i have yet to pick up anything by her. second chance summer sounds like something i’d love, but her books also tend to be long, so i don’t know how to feel about it. i’m glad you enjoyed it so much, though!
    i hope you have a really good 2020, with even more amazing books, emme!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my goodness i know what you mean – i can’t decide if the year flew or dragged by, it’s been a weird one!
      i am so determined to get to the sequel of this book because so many of my favourite books i’ve never carried on – & six of crows is not going to be like that haha. cinder i’d love to carry on too, it will just take a little more persuading on my part!
      ooh yes, if you love contemporary i think you’ll definitely enjoy matson’s books! the unexpected everything & since you’ve been gone are my personal faves from her, and although they are long, they felt like the perfect length for me whilst reading!
      happy new year!💗

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  3. welcome back, emme!!! so excited that you’re back. i think you read such amazing books this year, and i’m so happy to see on the come up, six of crows, and second chance summer as some of your favorites of 2019 😍you are going to looooovvveeee crooked kingdom!! i was also ugly crying so hard with second chance summer, but morgan matson really is one of my contemporary writing QUEENS!!

    i hope you had a wonderful holiday and will have an even better 2020! ✨

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  4. I’ve read a lot of books this year and I loved them all so I can’t pick just one, but a series that really stood out to me was Emily of New Moon! I’ve heard about it for such a long time and when I saw the trilogy on sale earlier I had to get them! They’re one of my favourite series I’ve ever read 💛

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  5. Excellent reads! I’m currently reading The Hate U Give and enjoying Starr’s story so far–I’m absolutely enamored with her family. I also had a Morgan Matson book complete my 2019 reading goals, The Unexpected Everything was sweet and had a lovely friend and family dynamic I don’t get to read very often. I hope you have a lovely reading year again! Happy new year!

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    1. Ahh The Hate U Give is insane!! I hope you enjoy the rest of it!
      & I loved The Unexpected Everything too, it’s such a sweet book. Have you read any other of Matson’s books?
      Happy New Year and hope 2020 treats you well!💛


  6. Yay!! I’m so glad you’re back Emme and I hope you are well!! 💛
    Six of Crows is brilliant, I loved it so much too!! The cast of characters is amazing, I think my favourite is Wylan but it is hard to choose! I hope you loved CK too, it takes me ages to get to sequels too unless I decide to binge read it all together!!
    I think the Lunar Chronicles is one of those which get better as it goes on and in the next books it does still have Cinder’s perspective but also Scarlet’s etc.!! So you still get to follow her which I was thankful for!!
    I need to read Angie Thomas’s books and This Savage Song ASAP!!
    I hope 2020 is another great reading year!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! Glad to be back🤍
      Yess Six of Crows is so insane & it’s so hard to choose a fave?? Honestly I think I’d have to go Kaz – I just love him. Can’t wait to get to the sequel but same. If I don’t binge and get to it straight away I never do😬. I have no clue when I’ll get to Scarlett either but we’ll see?? I’m glad it’s from Cinder’s perspective too though – that cliffhanger was too much!!
      & yes do!! They’re amazing – definitely some of my favourite books of all time!
      Hope 2020 is fab for you & thank you for reading!🤍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is hard to choose a favourite, I love them all for different reasons!! 😍 Kaz is great!!
        Haha I know it is either all or nothing!!
        I know you need answers after that 😂
        That’s great!! 😊 Thank you so much!! 💛

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  7. This is such a lovely list, I think it’s great you have a smol lil list of books you KNOW you loved : )

    I LOVE Morgan Matson omg. SInce You’ve Been Gone was one of my favourites of 2018 because I read it at a time that I NEEDED it. It was so strange because the narator and I were going through almost the EXACT same problem. It was very strange haha. Six of Crows was also on that list because WOW so good!


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