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Popular YA series that I’ve never read (and most of which I never will)

Firstly that title is really long wow.Secondly, get ready for a throwback in this post because these reads will bring you back to 2015 bookstagram). I am very often late to the hype. I see the hype. I hear the hype. But I don’t listen to the hype until several years later, and sometimes never.Continue reading “Popular YA series that I’ve never read (and most of which I never will)”


My Favourite Media

I’m so excited to write this post honestly because these are always my fave posts to read (and videos to watch). I miss the 2012-2014 era of favourites videos I have to say – why does nobody do them anymore?! So with that in mind, today’ post is just going to be a little rambleContinue reading “My Favourite Media”

COMMONLY ASKED BOOKISH QUESTIONS ft my opinions and debunking common myths

The commonly asked bookish questions – what’s my opinion? What’s the right answer? Is there a wrong answer?
Let’s find out!