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Let’s Chat | Rating Books Subjectively vs Objectively

Taking one look at the GoodReads page for any book will lead you straight to the conclusion that rating books is entirely subjective. For one reader, a book could be a 5 star read, but for another it could be a 2 star. Whilst this is completely understandable, given that we all have different tastesContinue reading “Let’s Chat | Rating Books Subjectively vs Objectively”


Let’s Chat | Being a book blogger who doesn’t write book reviews.

I haven’t written a let’s chat post in over a year (here’s my last one if you feel like reading it) and so I’m actually really excited to write a chatty discussion post for you all today! Being a book blogger, there are certain categories and types of posts that you see regularly in yourContinue reading “Let’s Chat | Being a book blogger who doesn’t write book reviews.”

4 Reasons Why I’ll DNF a Book and why that’s totally okay (also thank you for 200 followers!!)

4 Reasons Why I’ll DNF Books (from annoying characters to just not caring) and why it’s not a bad thing!

4 Less Than Ideal Reading Habits I Have (#self-improvement:)

Something I’ve noticed recently is that some of the reading habits I have are so!! inconvenient?? And given that I’m going to try and better myself, and stop these bad habits, I figured I’d write about them on the blog and hold myself accountable! DNF’ing books without giving them a chance. This is a habitContinue reading “4 Less Than Ideal Reading Habits I Have (#self-improvement:)”

The Pros and (mainly) Cons of being a Mood Reader

Hey guys! First of all can we just preface this post with a round of applause for me (promise I’m not being bigheaded <3) because this is the first time since like October that I’ve had more than 1 post out in a month!! And this isn’t a recap! Second of all – let’s introduceContinue reading “The Pros and (mainly) Cons of being a Mood Reader”

COMMONLY ASKED BOOKISH QUESTIONS ft my opinions and debunking common myths

The commonly asked bookish questions – what’s my opinion? What’s the right answer? Is there a wrong answer?
Let’s find out!