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Recent Reads (02) – February 2021

Hey guys,

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I haven’t typed anything on WordPress (whether that’s comments on your blog posts or my own) in two months because my schedule with school and other commitments has honestly been so hectic. But with Easter holidays approaching I definitely want to start writing more posts again. I find that I’m such a mood blogger where I’m either writing loads of posts and getting ahead or completely absent. Hopefully the former has returned!

Due to my absence therefore, there are a lot of books that I need to update you on, and so I thought that in my first few posts back, I would share the books that I read whilst I was away, in a Recent Reads series. I usually have very little time to read when I’m busy with other work but thankfully I was really able to balance it this time and I’ve read and loved so many!

So, with that in mind, here are the books that I read in February 2021!
Let’s go ❤

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One of my bookish resolutions for 2021 was to read more non-fiction books and to try and broaden my educational knowledge a bit more, and this was the first book I picked up in February! The book talks about global development and casts a more positive light on the world and its progress which was so enlightening to read. Whilst of course there are terrible things happening in the world, it was also such a nice break from the news to read about the positive changes that are being made.
Would definitely recommend if you’re interested in reading some non-fiction, especially if you’re interested in/studying human geography or development economics (which I am!).

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by Talia Hibbert: ★★★


This was my first ever adult book so I was a little apprehensive going into it because it was out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I listened to all the positive reviews!

I flew through this one and enjoyed it way more than I expected to. The romance was so cute and I loved Talia Hibbert’s writing style.

Definitely want to read the rest of the series (Take A Hint, Dani Brown and Act Your Age, Eve Brown).

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by Jenny Allen ★★★★

The title was definitely a reminder I needed to hear so I was really interested to see what this book had to say, even though I knew nothing about it before reading it (besides from the positive reviews I’d seen). I really enjoyed it and it definitely made me think a lot about how to approach challenges in the future. Such a strong message and if you’re a Christian (probably wouldn’t recommend if you’re not) this was a lovely read.

I also picked up the workbook version of this so I’m excited to get to that (although I have yet to finish it or the video series).

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by Robert T. Kiyosaki ★★☆☆

As someone who’s interested in finance I found this one so fun to read and I really enjoyed hearing the thoughts on investment and finance. The differences on how ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ talk about money was so interesting to see and definitely made me think a lot about my own perspective on money and how this links with how I’ve been taught.
100% think that money and finance should be taught more in school, although one issue I did have with this book was the privileged view it had. Whilst I do agree that financial success requires good financial education, it definitely isn’t true that those with lower incomes only have lower incomes due to lack of financial education, and I think the book could have done better in acknowledging that.
If you’re interested in economics/business though I’d recommend this one.

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Firstly I wanted to start out by saying that this is one of the most aesthetic books I’ve read in a while! The colour palette, the art. Incredible.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went into this one because I’ve never really read any feminist books before but I loved this and flew through it in one sitting.
Definitely made me think whilst reading it and a lot of important topics were covered too. Although none of the information was new, it included discussions that need to be had and so I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for an intro to feminism.

And that’s all of the recent reads for February 2021!
Such a good reading month and I’m so glad that I managed to fit these all in alongside school work and other things.
I’m also really loving reading non-fiction books and I really want to continue doing so! I’m currently trying to alternate between fiction and non-fiction and the good books has continued into March so look out for the next edition of Recent Reads! ❤

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What were your thoughts? Do you enjoy reading non-fiction or do you stick to fiction?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! xx


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9 thoughts on “Recent Reads (02) – February 2021

  1. I like reading both fiction and nonfiction although my fiction-nonfiction ratio is more like 75%-25%. I tend to read nonfiction about science or history; I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned but Factfulness sounds interesting! I’m glad you had a good reading month!


  2. So happy to hear that you liked Get a Life, Chloe Brown! It’s waiting for me on my Kindle and in general I have heard such good things about Talia Hibbert 🥰 I never used to read nonfiction, but since last year I have really gotten into mainly memoirs/autobiographies 😊


  3. i also really want to read more non fiction in 2021 and factfulness seems amazing. i feel like recently all the news we get in terms of “world updates” are awful, especially now with the pandemic. in fact, i just read an article last night about how my country is actually really close to a step of no return in terms of how we’re handling the health crisis due to covid. it was definitely not the most hopeful or inspiring article. i think factfulness would be a more optimistic read in the midst of all these other researches that made me feel pretty hopeless 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yeah definitely give it a go – I really enjoyed it. And I agree that it was a nice bit of optimism to see the world in a different perspective, because at the end of the day positive news is never really seen as news, making the world seem a lot darker than it really is. It’s definitely got worse in the pandemic though for sure, and that’s such a horrible article to have to read. I’m really praying that the health situation improves because this past year has been so difficult for everyone. ❤ Hope you're doing okay!

      Liked by 1 person

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