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The Reread Book Tag

In 2019, something crazy like 40% of the books I read were rereads. This year it’s only 27.9% , but nevertheless, I still absolutely love a reread. There’s just something about cosying up with an old favourite, cup of tea in hand, curled up in a blanket, that is just so perfect for the autumn months. And so, today, (given that I just started my next book which is, coincidentally, a reread), I thought it would be fun to give The Reread Book Tag a go!

Thanks so much to Emily @ Frappes and Fiction for tagging me!
(Also I love how we have kind of similar blog names!!)

The rules:

1. A childhood favourite that you could read 100 times and still love.

Wonder. R.J. Palacio: Palacio, R. J.: 0780537302395: Books -

Easily ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio.
I reread this recently in September and loved it just as much as the previous 2 (maybe 3) times. Could easily read it again too.
It’s just such an important, heartwarming book that brings all the feels.
Absolutely love it and would definitely recommend! It’s also a middle grade and I think there’s something about middle grades that for me, are just so nice and relaxing to read.

I still have yet to get to the spin-off book “Auggie and Me” but I definitely would like to at some point. Maybe one to add to my October tbr?(depending on how I feel after reading The Lightning Thief which seems like it could be a series to binge!).

2. A book you DNF’d but would be willing to give a second chance to.

Hmm this is a hard one? I tend to DNF a lot of books very quickly but generally it’s for a reason and I know I won’t enjoy it? So I don’t think there are any that I can see myself going back to.
Technically I did DNF Raybearer recently (can I just stress, not because it was bad!! I only read a couple of pages but decided I wanted to start Percy Jackson instead). So I will 100% be going back to that one because it sounds really intriguing.

3. A newer favorite you would reread

There are so many!! Most recently I can see myself rereading Tweet Cute (exactly what it says on the tin), Red, White and Royal Blue and also maybe the Shadow Game Series! I don’t know how good it would be the second time around now that I know all the twists, but that trilogy was INCREDIBLE.

4. A book you hated and never want to read again

Ooh wow. I feel so mean saying I hated a book?? But there are definitely some on that list.

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell: I read this book when I was 12 after enjoying Fangirl by the same author. Unfortunately though, I absolutely hated this one (and not even because of the blatant racism, which, as a half-Asian girl, I am ashamed to say I missed upon reading).
  • Life of Pi by Yann Martel: Definitely wasn’t the age demographic for this one because it was another one I read very young, maybe 10/11? But I did find it boring and it dragged for me (just to be clear it was an ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ situation though).
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: I’ve already spoken about that one in this post but I really disliked this one. I know so many people loved it though!

5. A classic you read in school but want to try again.

A lot of the books I read in school for English Lit I either hated (and I know I won’t like again) or really enjoyed so I don’t have an answer for this one!
Two I really enjoyed though include: An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (one I knew the story of prior but had never read).

6. An author you would reread anything from

Becky Abertalli! Even though I definitely have favourites out of all her books (Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda (I think I’ve reread this one about 5 times), The Upside of Unrequited, Love, Creekwood and Yes, No, Maybe So) I could (and mostly have) reread all of her books so many times.
They’re just so cosy and comforting and perfect contemporaries. Absolutely love her works and she’s also an auto-buy author for me!

7. A series you want to reread for the fun of it

This is a tricky one!! Maybe the Caraval series?
I reread the first book before the rest of the series (Legendary, Finale) but I do think it would be so much fun to read through the series again! The covers are also so whimsical and I love them- so autumnal too.
And also the Six of Crows duology! I haven’t reread Crooked Kingdom yet after reading it in May but I want to revisit the characters <3.

8. A book you’ve read but want to listen to the audiobook

I’ve never listened to an audiobook (because I don’t have the attention span – I hate just listening and doing nothing else but to actually take in the book I’d need to just sit and listen which I find boring anyway).
If I was to listen to an audiobook though it would be fun to do so with a book I’ve already read so at least then it doesn’t matter too much if I lose track.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you so much to Emily for tagging me!

Also wow, Can I get a round of applause for doing a tag within a year?! I got tagged for this in OCTOBER. AND I’M WRITING IT IN OCTOBER. That’s such an achievement haha <3.

Anyway, do you reread books often? What books do you want to reread next? & what’s a comfort read that you never get bored of?


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23 thoughts on “The Reread Book Tag

  1. Ah I adore all your answers here! I reread both Tweet Cute and RW&RB this year, because I loved them so much and def recommend. Also really need to read the Caraval trilogy, they seem like a ton of fun xoxo


  2. I’ve discovered this year how AMAZING re-reads really are! I’ve been re-reading a ton of books already, and I have some more I’d like to revisit before the end of 2020. Familiar, cozy books are exactly what I needed this year🤍

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