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Let’s Chat | Being a book blogger who doesn’t write book reviews.

I haven’t written a let’s chat post in over a year (here’s my last one if you feel like reading it) and so I’m actually really excited to write a chatty discussion post for you all today!

Being a book blogger, there are certain categories and types of posts that you see regularly in your WordPress reader (or wherever else you read your blog posts!) From discussions (like this one ;)) to tags, memes, recommendations and monthly recaps. And for most book bloggers there’s also the book review. Which tends to be a predominant blog post type, or at least features within a bloggers social media links via GoodReads.

But it doesn’t take a genius to find out that my blog actually features a grand total of:

angry maya rudolph GIF by globaltv

One book review.

What If It’s Us by Becky Abertalli and Adam Silvera (also featuring Dear Evan Hansen!)
Written back in February of 2020 (way back when musicals and easy public transport were a thing), this is my one and only book review; which in this instance was written in a list format with my likes and dislikes.

Ever since then however, I haven’t written anymore. So I thought today it would be interesting (sorry if it’s not oops) to talk through my thoughts on book reviews – why I haven’t written many, whether I want to write more and how book reviews fare in the blogosphere!

Why don’t I write book reviews?

Honestly the main reason for this is that I am terrible at describing books.

  • Why did I like the book? It was either good or so so good.
  • What did I think of the characters? I loved them, or they were annoying (no in between really).
  • What was the plot like? I can’t even describe plots. I struggle with this so much.


As you can see, Describing things is not my forte because I can scream about it by telling you I really love it but that’s about all?? I honestly don’t know how people make book reviews seem like (auroras and sad) prose. Shout out to those who do.

Do I want to write more book reviews in the future?

Yes! This is actually what inspired this blog post because I do want to write more book reviews but I’m just really unsure on the format?

I do really enjoy writing lists (as you can see in that book review, plus here, here and here) so I may still do that more often when it’s a book that I love, but honestly, another thing that makes me hesitant to write book reviews all the time is that they don’t tend to do that well?

mean girls whatever GIF

Now I am really not that fussed about statistics (yay me) so less likes and not as many comments isn’t a huge deal to me (even though I do love and appreciate your support so so much!!) but I do still want to be creating content that you guys enjoy!
As much as I blog for fun (and I would never write a post I didn’t enjoy just for likes, the same way I wouldn’t stop writing posts I love (e.g. recaps!) even if they got none at all), I still want to create content that’s interesting and fun to read!

I don’t want my readers to keep skipping posts I write (and which admittedly do take time to do so) because the book I’ve spent a whole post reviewing isn’t one they have an interest in. Because let’s be honest, no one-person will have the exact same reading preferences as you (even if it is pretty similar).

Even personally, if I’m not interested in a book (review), as much as I want to support the bloggers I follow, I don’t tend to read the post. And I don’t want to be leaving fake comments – I’d rather leave genuine comments and support over the usual “Great review! This on my tbr” (when it’s not and never will be).

So what’s the book review plan for future A Literary Latte posts?

One thing is for certain and that’s that I do want to start writing more book reviews! However, I don’t think I’ll be writing posts just featuring one book unless it’s one that I really really loved (and as I didn’t do one for Six of Crows, I doubt I will even then).

Instead, I’m planning on writing more book reviews, maybe as an extension to a monthly recap depending on how many books I read in a month?

That way, I can still share my thoughts on books I’ve loved (and maybe start requesting ARCs in the future ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) but whilst still keeping it (kind of) interesting and also meaning I don’t combust trying to find multiple words for good in order to type up 500-800 different words about one book.

Do you write book reviews? How do you feel about blogging stats and how does that affect what you post? Do you enjoy reading book reviews?


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44 thoughts on “Let’s Chat | Being a book blogger who doesn’t write book reviews.

  1. This was such an interesting post. My blog is almost all reviews. I am new, so hoping to change that. I like writing reviews and recently started reading more reviews. I find it really interesting to see different people’s opinions on books.

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    1. Hi, welcome to book blogging!! Definitely continue writing book reviews if you enjoy writing them! I agree that it is interesting to me to see differing opinions on books I’ve read (especially when I’ve really loved or really hated it).
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I used to write reviews for every single book I read up until about four years ago when I just stopped finding it enjoyable anymore. Plus it’s really hard to review something that your brain simply refuses to remember 😣 I don’t even read reviews for books I haven’t already read anymore but I do appreciate the bloggers who write reviews!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow that’s so impressive!! Book reviews are definitely hard to write when you don’t enjoy writing them. It just becomes a chore otherwise, which I tend to find anytime I start writing a review that I don’t actually want to write. And yes!! My brain never holds on to book details so I never know what to say other than it was good?? And the moments that stand out to me are always spoilers so I can’t really talk about that in a blog post otherwise who is it for?
      And same here! I do appreciate book reviews and I definitely skim GoodReads before reading a book, but I never read a full review if I’m not interested in the book. Like you said though, I do appreciate the work that goes into it!


  3. I loved reading your opinions on writing book reviews! Personally, I really like writing them but I only feature reviews of my favorite books as well as Arcs on the blog. Recently I’ve started doing a little feature to spotlight a couple of books I loved though 😊 I’d love to see some more of your reviews, in whatever way works best for you 📚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yes I love your spotlight posts!! I think I may start doing something similar too, either for the books I’ve read in a month (alongside the usual recap) or maybe just every so often for the standout reads. Definitely want to start doing more though because I feel like I don’t talk about individual books in enough detail on my blog!
      Thanks for reading and commenting Caro!

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  4. Yes I write book reviews. I review every book I read (100-120 per year). Yes, I also read book reviews (only those that are in genres that I personally enjoy reading). If it is not a genre I enjoy, I have been known to ‘like’ and ‘Tweet’ to support that blogger. If I comment on a book review it is because I have some connection to the title being reviewed. (Either I’ve already read it, or I want to read it).
    I’m one of those nerds that actually enjoys writing reviews, though admittedly some are more difficult to write than others.

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    1. Oh wow that’s amazing!! Good on you.
      I definitely read more book reviews when it’s a book I am interested in or that sounds up my street but I often tend to skim read even then, just because I don’t want to know every single detail? I like to be surprised and sometimes I find even non-spoiler reviews can go into a bit too much depth for my liking. That’s totally a me thing though – I am in so much awe of people who mange to write detailed reviews because I could never haha.
      And yeah same – I will only ever comment if I genuinely have an interest in the book or have read it previously, but I think liking the post to show support is a good idea.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  5. This is super interesting! I honestly love writing reviews; I agree it can be hard to organize my thoughts but that’s why I always do initial “brain vomit” session and come back another time 😀 If I realize I don’t have enough to say then I usually just write a short goodreads review and be done with it, but if there’s something I really want to share, I usually stretch the content with a lot of gifs or bullets haha. Writing short reviews as part of your monthly recaps is a good idea to start if you really want to write more review 🙂

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    1. That sounds like a good idea actually because I feel like with books my thoughts all just blur into one and then I end up summarising it all as ‘good’ or ‘amazing’ etc which is such a dull descriptor haha.
      I think GoodReads could definitely be a place for me to start! I do have a GoodReads account but I rarely even use it, but maybe practicing reviews on there until I figure out how I want reviews and my blog to look could be a good intro.
      Yess gifs and bullet points are so great!! I feel like I can just ramble more and be more informal which makes posts way more fun to write, even for non-review posts. And yes I think for now adding more depth to my monthly recap book list or maybe as a separate ‘What I read in X month’ could be a good place to start.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tasya! <3.


  6. Interesting post!
    I just started a new book blog, and whilst I wrote a lot of reviews on my old one, I’ve decided not to bother with them at all on this new one. I never really enjoyed writing them (I always struggled to describe books too!) and they got a lot less views and comments than any of my other posts. I always preferred writing discussion posts, and they’re my favourite kind of post to read on other blogs, so I plan to focus more on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laura!
      I 100% think that’s a good idea!! If you enjoy writing book reviews then great but if you don’t then there’s not much point in pressuring yourself! And same here, discussion posts are always my favourites to read and I want to start writing more discussions too! I find them so much fun to write, plus they get way more engagement and I love chatting to people in the comments and having discussions on a topic! I think for now I’m only going to write a review if I have lots of thoughts and then it will probably be in a mini reviews/bullet point format because they’re more enjoyable to write for me. If that’s the case though I also want to make sure that I have more posts out that week because I personally don’t want my blog to be just reviews as that’s not what I enjoy from a blog? Just my opinion though of course, nothing wrong with just writing book reviews because at the end of the day, blogging should be for your enjoyment!
      Thanks for reading and commenting – have also just followed you so can’t wait to see more of your discussions! <3.


    1. Thanks so much! I’m actually quite looking forward to writing more reviews for those books that really stood out to me – it’ll be fun to chat about the book with others who have read it/loved it too.
      & That’s so great that you’re able to write so many reviews! I’m honestly in awe of people who can articulate their thoughts well in a review because I just ramble haha.


  7. I don’t write a lot of reviews either! Prior to this year, I barely wrote any at all. For 2020, I have been trying to write one a month, and sometimes it’s really hard! One way to format the review that may help is to do it as bullet points! Just write down a few thoughts you had about the book- they don’t need to be structured or organized in any way. I think Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks does that really well 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah writing reviews is definitely difficult for me too! I’m so impressed by people who can articulate their thoughts well because I just gush and ramble haha. & Bullet points will definitely be my format of choice if I do start writing reviews too because they’re more fun to write when it’s less formal I think. And yes I love Marie’s reviews!! They’re some of the few that I will actually read and I’ve read quite a few books on her recommendation!

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  8. Oh, I loved reading this post! I enjoy writing book reviews BUT, sometimes, I have no idea what the hell to say about a book. Like literally, sometimes I read a book, end up loving it but don’t what to say. I know how to describe what I did NOT enjoy – ranting is easy 😂 but describing why I love a book is sometimes hard – this is why I only truly review books I absolutely loved and have so many feelings about it that I need to place them down somewhere, but mediocre readings or books I was in the between is extremely hard for me to review 🤔


    1. Oh yay I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! <3.
      Me too!! I think it could be fun to write them when I have strong thoughts on a book but when it's just a bit average or forgettable (a lot of 3 stars for me) then what do you even write about?!
      & It's the same for me. It's easier to explain why I didn't like a book than why I did because if I loved a book usually it's just because I really enjoyed it or that I loved the characters and it was a good plot etc. And then I feel like it just gets a bit boring after a while to be writing the same things?


  9. This is a great discussion which many bloggers can probably relate to. You brought up some good points and it was interesting to hear about your thoughts on the topic! I used to write book reviews until they started sounding like book reports. So I stopped and then started my blog feature called Story Diary. It still showcases books, things I liked about/from the book (like favorite quotes, reasons to read, etc) and other aspects of the book (i.e. settings/places, creatures, food, etc) without actually reviewing them.

    Like with writing book reviews, I’ve noticed I don’t really read much review posts either if they’re in lengthy paragraphs. Not sure why exactly but it seems like bullet point or likes/dislikes reviews are the only ones that I have the attention span for lately. I’m in awe of people who write book reviews in various ways and in length.

    There’s several ways to write/format book reviews, and I hope you find a format that fits for you! 😊

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    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this post Genissa! And yeah I feel like book reviews can get like that and I don’t want mine to be boring or repetitive,which I feel like they would be because I suck at describing books or explaining why I enjoyed something (which is required for a review haha). I love the idea of your Story Diaries though – seems like a great way to talk about a book you enjoyed without having to do a whole review.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one then! I sometimes read (or skim) reviews if they’re in a short/bullet point format but if they are long paragraphs I tend to just skip them – I don’t like knowing loads of details before I read a book, I just want to know the basics from the synopsis and if it was good or bad! And same here! I think being able to write reviews and articulate your thoughts well is so impressive.
      Thanks so much, me too! I think that bullet points is definitely the format for me but I’m not sure whether I’ll do whole reviews or maybe mini reviews/book spotlights? We’ll soon see!


  10. I totally understand when you said you’re bad at describing books and plots etc because I feel the same way!>.< Every time I finish a book all I have are feelings and thoughts of the book in general and I find it hard to give constructive criticisms like in book reviews. 😀

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one then!! & SAME. That’s such a good way to put it. I just have feelings about the book rather than specific thoughts and so that’s so difficult to articulate? Simply saying ‘I loved it’ or ‘it was so good’ means more to me than it will the reader because they can’t know how I felt reading the book! Criticisms are also so hard to give – especially because I can imagine how hard it is to spend years writing a book and then let it out into the world to be judged. I’m so appreciative of the time and work authors put into books and so I don’t want to be negative!

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  11. I can so relate. My goodreads reviews are so lame, I won’t post them publicly on an on-line reading group I belong to after reading so many good reviews from others. Mine tend toward – I love reading about the ’20s. I look forward to following your blog!

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  12. Love this discussion post! I recently started an English book blog, and I still have no idea of how I’m going to do my reviews, because I don’t want to do them in a long, separate format. I think I’m going to corporate them into my monthly wrap-ups, that’s how I do them on my Hungarian blog ever since last January. I used to write a lot of book review posts before then, but I actually stopped enjoying writing them, so I didn’t force it anymore.

    I just don’t always have enough thoughts for a book, or maybe I have but those are spoilers. And I don’t really enjoy reading them either, I read them on Instagram, because those are not that long, but that’s the maximum I can focus on a single book. I really like going into books not knowing too much, so I usually read the ones that are not too descriptive. I sometimes write reviews on Instagram too, when it’s either a really loved book of mine, or I really hated it. For some reason reviewing books I hate are always easier. 😅

    So thanks for this post, because I always felt odd as a book blogger who doesn’t really like book reviews, but now I see that lots of people feel this way!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the post – this is my first discussion post in ages so that’s nice to hear!

      It’s so hard to figure out how to format reviews and I’m still undecided myself? I think I might do the same and write them longer in my recaps (or maybe add a little drop down option to see a more detailed review so it’s not too cluttered). Or maybe mini reviews/spotlight post like Caro @ bookcheshirecat does, because I do enjoy reading them. So hard to choose!!

      Posting them on Instagram sounds like a great idea! I don’t have a bookstagram but if I did, captions would be a great way to write short and snappy reviews. I do follow some bookstagrams though and I agree that reading a short caption on a book is a great way to gain an insight without too much detail.

      I’m glad this book made you feel less alone with that! I was the same because I feel like my posts don’t talk in enough detail about individual books which felt weird. Thankfully I’m not the only one though!

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  13. This is such an interesting discussion post! I think book reviews make up a lot of my blog content and I always feel there’s at least a couple thoughts I had about a book while reading it. But I absolutely agree with you that its just hard sometimes to explain why you like/dislike a book!! I actually do want to try more creative wrap-ups in the future though, if I want to give myself a break from writing reviews! Happy October! 😄🧡

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yay I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Sometimes it can be so hard but I do want to start writing more! I think it’s so great that people can write so many reviews and word them so eloquently too haha. I feel like my thoughts just tend to be a blur of emotions/feelings which are just difficult to describe?
      I love writing my recap posts so I’d definitely recommend playing around with how you write them! I always love adding in new sections to the recap and I feel like they just keep getting longer and more ramble-y oops.
      Hope you have a great October!


  14. I feel guilty sometimes when I feel like I don’t post enough reviews on my blog, then I remember that review posts usually perform horribly on my blog haha. I’m guilty of not reading others’ reviews too, so what can I say. I’m not good at putting my thoughts into words so writing reviews is a challenge to me, but I still try for books I feel strongly about. Interesting post!

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    1. I’m the same! Sometimes I’ll try and draft a review because I feel bad not talking enough about individual books on here?? But I guess there’s no need to feel guilty, especially when my readers don’t tend to enjoy them as much anyway, as shown by stats/comments.
      Definitely, I’m the same. Reviews are so hard to write, especially when I don’t write them straight away (and I don’t tend to take notes whilst reading). I’m going to do the same in the future – I think I’ll just write some mini reviews when I have books that I really loved or felt strongly about.


  15. I enjoy writing book reviews cuz I’ve been doing that even before starting a blog but I do see engagement differ with those posts. I think posts with lots of books works really well, like sometimes I’ll do mini reviews of 4 or so and it’s much more enjoyable for people who haven’t read them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I think a lot of bloggers started out writing book reviews which is so interesting to see!
      & I love reading mini review posts so I definitely agree with what you said. I think I’ll start writing some mini reviews soon in order to practice because sometimes I do need an outlet to write out my thoughts (and reviews is obviously ideal for that)!

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  16. This was such an interesting post to read and I can relate to so many of your thoughts! I also struggle with gathering my thoughts and especially on tracing out the plot… so now I hardly do it! Instead I focus on what I enjoyed and didn’t like so much and a lot of the time it involves characters and pace which I find much easier to review. Personally I write book reviews for almost every book I read as I find that it helps me become a better writer and critical thinker however I agree with you that a lot of the comments under book reviews are shorter and not as easier to engage with as discussion posts, for example. That doesn’t stop me though and I find that I enjoy writing book reviews much more than any other kind of post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Darina!

      Talking about the plot is definitely the hardest part of a book review because it’s so difficult for me to describe an outline?? Especially a) without spoilers and b) not rambling and making it too long. I think just writing general thoughts would be better for me too!

      I 100% agree there are so many benefits to writing book reviews and improving your critical thinking/writing is one for sure. I guess practise makes perfect so maybe I’ll be able to summarise plots once I’ve written many more haha.

      That’s good that you enjoy them!! It’s great not to focus too much on stats anyway so I’d never let that stop me from writing posts I enjoy!

      Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment <3.


  17. Hi! I’m so glad I stumbled on this post and discovered I’m not the only one who struggles with writing reviews. I read over a hundred new books a year, consider myself fairly updated on new and upcoming book releases, and keep a blog where I only list down the books and other media I consume. There’s a part of me that says this is enough for me to call myself a bookish creator of sorts — but it feels like such a label would be unfair to everyone else I know who actually writes reviews.


  18. Hi! I’m so glad I stumbled on this post and discovered I’m not the only one who struggles with writing reviews. I read over a hundred new books a year, consider myself fairly updated on new and upcoming book releases, and keep a blog where I only list down the books and other media I consume. There’s a part of me that says this is enough for me to call myself a bookish creator of sorts — but it feels like such a label would be unfair to everyone else I know who actually writes reviews.


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