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Taking a week away from all social media

For the last few weeks or so social media has honestly become quite overwhelming for me. I found I was following way too many people, who weren’t really bringing much to my life (that sounds so dramatic haha), I was using it way too much and with my art Instagram I found I was getting too focused on the numbers.

So, to remedy that I decided it would be nice to just have a total detox from all social media for a week.
Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. TikTok.
& This is how it went!

How difficult was it to stay away from social media?

The only thing I was ‘worried’ about with not using social media was honestly just the boredom? Which really shows how much I use social media. Whenever I’m bored, clicking on Instagram or scrolling TikTok are my go-to activities and so not being able to use it was kind of ‘daunting’ (for lack of a better word – I promise I wasn’t that obsessed)? Especially because I also wasn’t doing any artwork which is usually another huge use of my time.

But. This was actually surprisingly easy?? It meant I had so much more time to actually focus on other activities, I discovered new past-times and also was so much more productive in doing my summer work. I ended up finishing the business summer work which has taken me so long because I wasn’t clicking on Instagram every five minutes.

What did I do instead?


I can’t believe it took me so long to actually watch booktube but I’ve had a great time these past few days just binging videos from the new channels I’ve found.
Please send me your recommendations and your favourite channels but at the moment I’ve literally just been going through Fictional Fates catalogue of videos and I’m having a great time haha.
I know this is technically social media but I don’t count it because I just use it like Netflix and I’m not interacting.


I’ve had Sims 4 for a year or so now (I’m reinstalling it though because I had CC problems) and I love it!
This week I’ve spent so much time on Sims 4 it’s ridiculous. No regrets though :)).
Also I’m so annoyed because I finished the post and the formatting and then it deleted half of it so that’s greatttt. It will probably be a lot shorter now because if I’m honest I can’t be bothered to rewrite it all. Love you WordPress :).


Who knew that actually reading rather than constantly switching over to Instagram would give me more time to read??
This week I finished up Little Women which I’ve been meaning to reread for ages and I’m also currently reading/almost done with How To Be Remy Cameron which I’m loving!
+ Not books but I’ve also had more time to read The Economist and Refinery29 Money Diaries, both of which I always enjoy reading.


Apart from my uni personal statement (which is still non-existent oops) I’ve actually managed to finish up the summer work I’ve been set which is great. It’s taken me ages but once again, who knew actually focusing and not picking up my phone every two seconds would mean I get it done?

What have I learnt?

  • You can actually be more productive when you’re not picking up your phone all the time. Who would have guessed it.
  • Numbers on social media aren’t everything. For those of you who don’t know, I run an art Instagram and offer custom artwork, and so numbers on that social media account tend to be a big focus for me because obviously I want to grow the account. Taking a break from it was my biggest worry because I didn’t want my engagement (and therefore sales) to drop but taking a break just made me realise that I don’t care that much? it’s really not a big deal. So I think from now I’m just going to be seeing it as a hobby and fun! E.g. If I don’t feel like doing a drawing one day, I just won’t. Rather than forcing myself to do one because I don’t want to skip my posting schedule. You know?

Would I do it again? 110% yes.
It was honestly so refreshing to take a week off of social media and I’ll definitely be taking breaks like this more regularly. Even if I don’t go completely cold turkey I’ll be using it a lot less for sure.

Have you ever gone on a social media detox? Would you go on one?
Who are your favourite booktubers?!


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20 thoughts on “Taking a week away from all social media

  1. I so admire you for doing this, it’s actually a really good idea and you need it sometimes. Definitely need to do it myself some hehe. Loved that you played Sims omg!! I LOVE that game but if I get started, it’ll take me take me days to stop playing lmao

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  2. I deleted Instagram for Lent, so I wasn’t on it for 6 weeks during March and April and didn’t miss it at all, but then once I redownloaded it I became addicted again. I’ve been wanting to do another detox for a while because I desperately need it (quarantine has got me spending 4+ hours on social media just scrolling and being bored). I’ll probably delete Instagram and Youtube and maybe Snapchat when school starts because like you said they are so distracting!


    1. Oh wow 6 weeks is so great! Yeah I hear you, it’s so hard not to get addicted again. Hopefully I won’t this time as even though my detox has ended I’m still not feeling the urge to click open the apps – I just need to make sure I’m conscious of it. I 100% recommend taking another one! I took a detox back in March I think because like you said, when quarantine/lockdown started I was using social media way too much, but then I ended up getting so lost in scrolling again oops. This time round though my mindset seems to have shifted which is nice.
      & I think I might do the same actually. Apart from YouTube I’m definitely going to be more careful with it and if I do find myself constantly clicking in and out of social media apps (especially when school starts) then I’ll just delete them!
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤


  3. I love reading this! I made the decision to quit social media in July and I’ve noticed the same thing. There are actually a lot of things to explore and discover once you’re not on your phone all the time, boredom is just not happening 😀


    1. Oh wow – almost two months without is so great!! I’m not sure I could quit completely (especially because apps like Snapchat and Instagram are my main sources of communication with friends) but having this break has definitely made me realise that I can do without. My detox has ended now but I’m still not finding myself wanting to go back on the apps which is nice. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to just disconnect.
      And yeah for sure! I was convinced I’d be really bored by Wednesday but it didn’t happen!


  4. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you step away from social media. I only have Twitter and my blog, but it is so easy to be drawn to them. I’m glad it worked for you!


  5. I’m so proud of you! Honestly taking a break from social media is honestly one of the best things you can do with your life ❤️ It puts so many things into perspective and exactly, it makes your productivity levels grow so much. When I was constantly on social media I literally didn’t read at all I know I’m back reading lots and I’m loving it 💖 Really enjoyed this post and it’s so lovely to find a new, amazing blog!


    1. Thanks so much Amber – I definitely agree with this! Social media can be so addicting so it was so great to gain more perspective and really get out of the habit of constantly scrolling. It’s worked wonders for my productivity and mindset. And yes reading more has definitely been one of the biggest benefits!! I never even read one book a week usually let alone 3?!
      Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for following! ❤

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      1. Of course! ❤️ It really can be and that is so lovely to hear, you gain so much perspective on life when you leave social media. I’m so happy for you, I’m starting to slip back into social media but I’m trying not to 😅 It’s so amazing when you’re reading lots of books!! One month I read 15 books and it made me so happy 🙂 Same here, it used to take me a week and a half to finish a book now I’m done in a few days (depending on my schedule though 😂) and no need to thank me I’m in love with your blog!🥰

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  6. Ah I’m so glad you had a positive experience with your social media detox! It is something that really improved my own mental health, and I try to have at least one day a week where I spend less time online if I can. Thank you for sharing this post, as it definitely just reminded me to get off my phone again!

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    1. Yeah same – having a healthy relationship with social media is so important and I feel like it’s something a lot of people overlook.
      That sounds like a great idea and I’ll probably do something similar. I’m aiming to have at least 2-3 days completely without social media a week :).
      Glad this post helped and thanks for reading/commenting Jessica!

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  7. i admire you so much for doing this!! i’ve been wanting to try a social media detox for a while now, but the part of me that’s obsessed with numbers is worried that people will unfollow me if i take a break, which i think is more proof that i really need a detox lmao. also if/when i do one, i definitely won’t have to worry about boredom because social media is my means of procrastination—i’d get so many things done if i stopped scrolling through all my social media, especially twitter. (side note: i stayed off twitter the whole day yesterday, and it was really good for me, but now i’m worried that people are unfollowing 🙃🙃) also, JOEL!! i love his videos and personalities so much, i’m so glad that you’ve found a booktuber you love! i admire him so much, and i kinda died when he followed me back on twitter (and i’m positive that he’s gonna unfollow bc i’m such a mess there djfkjfkdf)

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    1. I’d 110% recommend it – my relationship with social media now is so much better, especially with numbers! Before my break I was lowkey obsessed with the number of likes/comments/follows I’d get after each new post on my art Instagram and I was so worried that everyone would unfollow me, like you said. Thankfully that didn’t happen (I somehow gained quite a few while I was gone, not sure how haha) but even if it had, I really don’t care anymore. I haven’t even posted on it since I’ve been back and it’s been almost a week since my break ended. It’s so nice to see it as more of a hobby and for fun again though rather than as a stress/chore.
      & Right!! I honestly didn’t realise as well how much I can actually do if I don’t use social media so much?? I read 3 books last week and wasn’t bored at all, whereas usually I read like half a book in a week – just because I wasn’t picking up my phone every five seconds. I hate that that isn’t even an exaggeration ://.
      I actually found that I’m more bored when I do have social media just because it gets so boring just constantly refreshing Instagram/Twitter when nothing new has happened (but it’s still so hard to stop!)

      That’s so good though! A whole week was definitely a bit daunting but just taking days off occasionally is such a good idea. I think in future I’m going to aim for 2-3 days a week without it, but I have noticed I’m using it a lot less since my break.
      And yes!! That’s so cool that he follows you, I’d lowkey be fangirling haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also I just realised I forgot to say but you are not a mess on twitter – I love seeing your tweets (even though I have such a backlist that I don’t always know the books you’re talking about oops). You’re definitely a lot better than me anyway haha. I usually just like and retweet other’s tweets cause I do not have the quick wit for 240 characters.

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      2. ahh, thank you so, so much emme! that makes me so happy bc i really can’t’ scroll through my profile without cringing :””) and don’t worry about it at all, you’re such a friendly soul on twitter!! book twitter really needs more people like you😭


  8. Ah I haven’t done a social media detox in a while. I used to have a social media free day and I remember how hard it was at times mostly because I use social media as my main way of communicating with friends. Yet at the same time it was freeing and gave me the peace of mind knowing that I could do whatever…without worrying about notifications or anything. I definitely think I need to implement some sort of social media free day again into my life, even a days detox is better than simply nothing haha.


    1. Yeah it definitely is hard – I’ve been telling myself to have a few social media free days since but it’s so difficult. I think once I fully committed to a whole week though I missed it less and it was a lot easier to get into the habit of not using it. It definitely is so freeing though, I agree!
      And yes a few days is definitely a nice way to ease in. I’ve had a mostly social media free day today (excluding a couple accidental clicks on TikTok and Snapchat this morning oops) and I think I’ll continue that tomorrow. At least I am using it less though after my week’s detox which has been lovely.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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