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The July 2020 Recap

I initially wrote the title as ‘The May 2020 Recap’ so if that doesn’t tell you how I feel about it being August I don’t know what will.

July was actually a pretty good month?
I went out a little bit more than previous months (seeing family and friends – socially distanced of course – and we went to a restaurant!) and also… FOLKLORE
I was not ready for the absolute masterpiece it was but I love that album so much.
Also. HAMILTON. I’m so glad I get to see the show again whenever I want (plus with the OBC yes please).
And now for the rest of July!

What books did I read?

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Abertalli ★★★☆☆ (3.5?)
Did I like Leah? Not really no. I found her a little annoying if I’m honest.
I read this one in preparation for Love, Creekwood but I was disappointed unfortunately. I felt like all the characters were different to how they were in Simon VS? Not sure if that’s just me but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzalez ★★★★
Guys I loved this!! I was pretty sure I would because
a) Gay Grease
b) It’s been really hyped
And I was totally right! This was really cute and I flew through it.

SPOILERS I actually thought it would be a bit lighter though? I CRIED when Aunt Linda died. I never used to cry that much at books but now I just get set off so easily?? And I also kind of didn’t like Will that much but we move. Don’t know what it was about him but I definitely preferred the MC (but I can’t remember his name oops).

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West ★★★☆☆ (3.5)
I really enjoyed this one! I didn’t like The Fill-In Boyfriend by West so I wasn’t sure how I’d find it? But I had a free trial of Book Mate and this was on there so I thought I might as well give it a go. And I was pleasantly surprised! Objectively the characters were pretty flat but I went through this one really quick.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee ★★★☆☆ (2.5)
I actually did quite like this one but I also didn’t really like it at the same time so I don’t really know what to rate it? Could have predicted that though because IT’S A PERSON ON THE COVER.
I also don’t want to say too much because I found out after that the author has been a bit problematic lately. I don’t really know the details but yeah, thought I’d put that out there.

Love, Creekwood by Becky Abertalli ★★★★☆ (4.5)
I’m so glad I loved this one because Leah fell short and I was worried this would too. I could read their emails forever honestly. The everyday/mundane nature of the emails just shows how much I love these characters and I was so glad to get to experience more Simon and Blue <3.
I really want more though because I want to know what happens after the final email.
Also I’m pretty sure that the proceeds go towards an LGBT charity so that’s definitely a reason to pick it up (but read Simon first cause spoilers obviously)!

And… what books did I DNF?

I used to feel bad for DNFing but now I’m kind of an advocate for it?
So here are the books I DNF’d in July 2020!

  • The Gravity Of Us I really wanted to love this one but I just didn’t like the writing style and it just felt a bit rushed? I’m not sure, I just found that I wasn’t really bothered about whether or not the characters got together and it felt very quick (insta loveee)
  • The Wrath and the Dawn I just didn’t follow the storyline with this one but I think that’s my fault not the book. It’s not you, it’s me. But also… PERSON ON THE COVER.
  • Dress Codes For Small Towns Just wasn’t in the mood for this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Mental health ✓ Again this is a personal goal so I haven’t shared explicitly what it is but I did make progress with it. Obviously had setbacks but overall pretty good :).
  • Grow my Instagram to 1700 followers ✓✓
  • Stop picking my nails ✓✗ I haven’t stopped entirely but I’ve made progress!
  • Work on my EPQ ✓✓ I finished my first draft on the 23rd!! I’ve been procrastinating this forever so I’m so happy to just have editing to do now!
  • Go for one walk a week minimum I can’t believe I even put this as a goal haha but yes? Literally hit the minimum but it has been pretty grey this month so.

I don’t have that many goals for August really so here are a couple:

  • Stop picking my nails I am so determined to do it this month.
  • Write my personal statement Uni things!! Am I terrified about this idea? Kind of, yes.
  • Grow my Instagram to 1800 followers
  • Edit my EPQ It’s due when I go back to school beginning of September so I’d like to have edited it so I have a complete draft by then.
  • Mentally prepare for back to school (I’m kind of nervous??)

General life stuff

July was a pretty good month actually.
• I actually went out (not just for a walk) to see family and also saw my friends for the first time since March!
• My family and I also went to a restaurant (!!) which was really nice.
Even though it’s still super weird with everyone wearing masks and the new regulations, it has been lovely to be able to go out a bit more.

Taylor Swift released folklore and I!! am!! not!! okay!!
I might just write a whole post chatting about folklore with my fave lyrics and everything so let me know if you wouldn’t mind seeing that haha. I am also planning on doing Ilsa’s folklore book tag at some point but I am notoriously bad at getting to book tags because I can never choose books for them oops. But I also love doing them so it’s a losing battle?

Anyway, as for the songs.
I love them all (duh) but my absolute faves are:
– the last great american dynasty
– betty
– illicit affairs

Hamilton was also released and I love it so much!!
I saw the show in London back in 2018 but I’m so happy I get to watch it whenever I want on Disney+!!

(In better quality than bootlegs oops)

Also! I’m actually really happy with my blog at the moment? I love the layout and my new logo and dividers/headers so yay for that! + We reached 200 followers this month which is so cool! Thank you <3.

And that’s about all! Hope you enjoyed reading this recap and please let me know how your July was in the comments! Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are your fave folklore/Hamilton songs?!

Hope you’re all well,
Emme :).


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29 thoughts on “The July 2020 Recap

  1. I’m glad you had a pretty nice July!! July was a good month for me too, for both reading and general life stuff. But I still can’t believe it’s already August?!

    Also, HAMILTON. It’s a work of art and I am so happy to find a fellow fan 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great recap Emme! I totally agree with you on folklore. I’m still processing everything because I can’t believe the queen herself dropped a bomb like that on us😅 my top three are definitely cardigan, hoax and exile. I’d love to see that post with your thoughts on the album!!
    I hope August is better for you with your reads as you didn’t give many high ratings this month✨


    1. Thanks Cielo!
      Oh my gosh yes it was such a surprise and I was really not ready for it haha. I love those ones too and I think I’ll probably write one because my friends aren’t swifties and I just need to chat about it!!
      Hope August is a good reading month for you too (and a good month in general!)


  3. Sounds like you’ve had a good July!! I totally get what you mean about Leah, I also wasn’t a huge fan. Oh well! Can’t win em all.

    Folklore is EVERYTHING and Hamilton saved my soul when it came out on Disney+. So happy you’ve enjoyed them both!! ❤️

    Have a great August!! 🥰


    1. Yes it was good thank you!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling that way about Leah – I’m so sad that I didn’t love it but oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Both of them are so so good and they’ve definitely made 2020 so much better!!
      Thanks for reading and commenting Erin and hope you have a great August too <3.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. seems like you had a pretty good month! i love the distance between us, and if you want to read other kasie west’s book i’d recommend p.s. i like you ❤ i've heard great things about hamilton and i'm so curious about it, but sadly disney+ isn't available in my country. anyway, hope you have a great august! 🙂


    1. Ooh okay I’ll definitely give that one a go! I feel like even though they can be a bit hit or miss for me, West’s books are such good contemporaries.
      Oh no that’s so annoying! I’d definitely recommend listening to the cast recording though if you want to because I love it so much!
      Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope August is great for you too!


  5. Happy to hear that July was a good month for you and that you got to go out for a bit! It definitely was a good month for me as well, though I also cannot believe it’s already August 😱
    I sadly also didn’t like Leah on the Offbeat when I read it … the characters feel so different for me as well, especially Nick and it made me a bit sad 😢 I just read Love, Creekwood at the end of July and it was definitely a more enjoyable, comforting read 😊


    1. Thanks so much Caro and I hope that you have a great August too – I cannot believe we’re over halfway through 2020 already?!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way because I was so sad that it fell short – especially because I loved Simon VS so much. Thankfully Love, Creekwood was so much better though and I’m happy you felt the same. I’m still kind of sad that Nick wasn’t as present though.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh yay, I’m glad you enjoyed Only Mostly Devastated, because I’ve been wanting to read that!
    Folklore truly saved July for all of us, huh? (I’m literally listening to it as I type this.) And I’m SO happy that we get to watch Hamilton whenever we want now!!
    Hope your August is full of wonderful books and great things! 😀


    1. I hope you enjoy it if you get to it because it was such a fun read and I really enjoyed it!
      Yess definitely! I love folklore so so much, and Hamilton too!
      Thanks for reading and commenting, hope your August is great <3.


  7. Omg dying at MAY 2020 because that’s a whole mood tbh.

    I got to Only Mostly Devastated a month or so ago and unfortunately didn’t like it but super glad you did. I think it’s a me thing lmao. And ahh feel EXACTLY the same about GG bc yikes.

    Good luck with all the August goals, you’re gonna do great


    1. Honestly, I cannot believe that it’s August already??
      That’s a shame it fell short for you! Thankfully I was in the mood for it but I feel like it’s one where my rating would change so much depending on my mood.
      & Gentleman’s Guide I feel like I could have just not read to be honest – I really didn’t get the hype? I kind of enjoyed it but I also didn’t so I really don’t know how I felt about it? It’s a weird one.
      Thanks so much and I hope you have a great August!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. YES FOR HAMILTON. this month was my first time watching the musical but i’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat since then. i can definitely understand the hype now. my favorite song is wait for it, but satisfied is obviously a bop.

    only mostly devastated & the gentleman’s guide are two of my favorite books. i think it’s the chaotic gay narrator that is so funny and low-key relatable, lmao.

    as for DNFs, unfortunately, i have yet to go through my character development arc when i am ok about DNF-ing books. i really want to become better at it, especially at DNF-ing books earlier. all the books i DNF are usually after the 50% mark, even though i was already hating them in the 20% mark, lol.

    hope you have a great august & all the luck on your goals!


  9. ahh, your blog design is amazing! i love how the shade of blue-green you use is visible in all your graphics 💖💖 and it’s so cool that you got to see hamilton! i used to be obsessed with listening to the soundtrack, but i tried to watch the disney plus version with my family last month and i got bored 😅 also lmao about mackenzi lee: she misgendered her own trans protagonist in a synopsis, signed other authors’ books without their permission and refused to apologize when they expressed offense, and the poc rep in her books aren’t great. i’m staying away from her and her books from now on :”)
    hope you have a great august!! good luck with uni stuff 💗


  10. Your graphics are soo pretty! My favorite shade of blue😍😍 I’m all for DNFing books as well, and I’ve been doing a ton of that recently. It’s kind of sad because I feel like I haven’t read anything?? But I’m glad I’ve been more intentional with my time. 🙂 I wish you all the best in the months ahead, Emme!


    1. Thanks so much!!
      Yeah that’s the same for me! I DNF so often now that it feels like I hardly read anything in a month because I’m just frequently choosing which book to actually stick to and read.
      Thank you! Hope you have a great August Charis!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. oh god I also expected Only Mostly Devastated to be lighter than it was, I cried, too, I just 😭😭 I’m glad I’m not the only one ahah 🙂
    I loved Folklore so, so much as well, so many emotions ahhhh.
    Happy reading and have a lovely month! ❤


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