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4 Reasons Why I’ll DNF a Book and why that’s totally okay (also thank you for 200 followers!!)

Hey guys! How are you all? Hope you’re all well!
This is actually so exciting to write but a couple of days ago we reached 200 followers!??!!
A Literary Latte has grown so much recently so thank you so much to everyone who supports my little blog! Genuinely means so much!
(and spot the new logo!!)

Today’s post is actually going to be a total change of tune from a few weeks ago when I wrote this post. In it, I listed ‘DNFing books’ as one of my bad reading habits because YOU GUYS. I DNF SO MANY BOOKS. This month alone it’s the 18th and I’ve already DNF’d three different ones :))
But although I originally saw it as a ‘bad’ thing to do (because I wasn’t giving books a chance!), the comments on that post convinced me otherwise and I’ve changed my mind completely!
So in today’s post I thought I’d chat through the reasons I’ll give up on a book, and why it’s totally okay to! (and also maybe why you should to?)

Also, please stay tuned because I have a little form at the end that I’d love you to fill out to help me with a future blog post!!

So the first question that I obviously need to answer here is why do I DNF books?

1. I’m just not in the mood

Being a mood reader, I tend to know straight away whether I’m in the mood for a book. If I don’t know before I pick up the book, I’ll definitely know within the first few pages/chapters. (Or most annoyingly, sometimes it will be halfway through the book :)).
When this happens there is absolutely NO point in me continuing with a book because chances are I’ll hate it.
And so, the book gets DNF’d.
When this is the case though, if I know the book is objectively good I tend to pick it up another time when I am in the mood!

It’s also really weird because what I’m in the mood for is always so specific?? I could ditch a perfectly good summer contemporary for a similar summer contemporary? Or I could switch from a contemporary to a fantasy and then back to a contemporary. My brain is so annoying sometimes. BUT it does mean that when I find that book that I’m in the mood for, 75% of the time I’ll love it.

2. I don’t like the writing style

For example, some things that are an instant no:

  • If it’s in first person, I need to like the characters voice.
  • The author can’t just be telling me what’s happening, I want to be shown! That makes all the difference.
  • No to lots of short sentences!! If every sentence is super short and snappy:
    She stormed to her room. She slammed the door behind her. Anger raged through her. Why was her mum so annoying? She hated being grounded. This sucks.
    it sucks!! This is honestly the writing thing that annoys me most so please tell me I’m not the only one?

3. I don’t like the characters

This is kind of an obvious one but if I don’t like the characters then I don’t like the book.
I can deal with the character making stupid decisions, because that’s human nature.
But if the annoying personality sticks for too long and there is no character growth then goodbye.

An exception to this is Leah on the Offbeat which I just read and didn’t love? Leah was incredibly annoying and a little toxic. And the characters just didn’t read like they did in Simon VS? Like what was up with Nick?? But you should totally be proud of me because I pushed through and finished it!!

4. I just don’t care

Sometimes I really don’t care what happens? They could all fail their mission or the OTP could have a huge breakup or both and I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Am not bothered.
So then I just don’t see the point of continuing a book if I’m not bothered about the plot or characters?

So those are my four main reasons for DNFing a book, but have previously just been my four main reasons why I’ll dislike a book. I always felt so bad for DNFing books because I felt like I wasn’t giving the book a chance, and so I’d push right through to the 1 star ending.
That’s especially because when I bought the physical paperbacks, I didn’t want to waste that money and couldn’t easily return it. But now?
I only ever read (e)library books or 99p Kindle reads (which are also refundable) and so I’m totally happy to ditch a book a few pages in.

Because after all, if reading is meant to be for fun and enjoyment, why force yourself through a book you’re hating?

What are your thoughts on DNFing books? What makes you want to ditch a book? Or why do you soldier on if you don’t DNF?

& If you can answer this form it would be really helpful for a future blog post (please don’t let it flop)!!


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40 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I’ll DNF a Book and why that’s totally okay (also thank you for 200 followers!!)

  1. Congrats on 200+ followers! ❤ On DNFing, before blogging I never DNF books and try my best not too haha. But eventually I feel like I get better at it? I mean, we read for enjoyment and if we don't enjoy the book why should we force ourselves to continue it? My most common reason to DNF is actually because I don't care about the book and I don't like the characters, which I feel pretty connected as if I don't like the characters, I usually don't care about the rest of the book 😅

    Great post!


    1. Thankyou!!
      Yeah exactly! And same, characters are probably the main reason I won’t like a book because for me they totally make the book. I don’t even need an exciting plot if I love the characters. I’d literally read about Kaz Brekker and Inej from Six of Crows buying food, I just love them😂
      Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤


  2. Ah congrats on 200 followers lovely! I used to be against DNFing books for myself because I felt like I wanted to give them a chance. After a while though, I realised there was no point forcing myself to read something I wasn’t enjoying. So now I tend to give a book 100 or so pages before I choose to DNF, sometimes I DNF before and sometimes after, either way it’s usually because I’m not clicking with the writing/the characters/the world. If I’m not in the mood I just shove the book onto my “on hold” shelf on goodreads so I can get back to it haha.


    1. Thanks so much Clo!
      I was exactly the same. Part of me does still feel a little bad I won’t lie (so a 100 page benchmark is actually a great idea to properly give it a chance) but at the same time, if I don’t like it, I don’t like it!
      I definitely need to make an on hold/DNF shelf on Goodreads you’ve reminded me!! I keep just removing it from my shelves but then I forget what I’ve already tried haha
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I will DNF a book for the exact same reasons as you! As much as I am a huge lover of first-person narratives, I need the character to not be annoying and whiny in order for me to enjoy reading their narration. And the writing style is so incredibly important to me! I don’t usually mind short snappy sentences, as long as they’re used properly and where it’s relevant, but I absolutely can’t bear writing that has extremely long run-on sentences. Thankfully I don’t see this happen in books very often, but one of my favourite fic writers on Tumblr took this huge sharp turn into writing like that and it broke my heart because now they’re writing sentences that don’t make any sense.


    1. Glad I’m not the only one then!
      Oh okay interesting – I definitely get what you mean by the long sentences too! Both opposite ends of the spectrum but equally as annoying haha. And that’s so frustrating too! It’s always disappointing when writers you love change their writing style – have had that happen to me before!
      Thanks for reading and commenting :).


  4. Congrats on 200 followers❤︎ These are all very logical reasons to DNF books! I am also a mood reader! I feel like I most often DNF books if I don’t like the characters.


  5. Ah love this discussion!

    OMG WE ARE THE SAME!! I technically dnf quite a lot. Like I start a book and then if I’m not feeling it, I put it down, with the intention of hopefully getting back to it. So it’s rare that I pick up a book and dislike it that much that I don’t want to read it at all anymore hehe. Mood reading lowkey sucks tbh.

    But there are some books I’ve tried but as you mentioned didn’t love the writing style or characters. We MUST have characters to love otherwise nope don’t like the book. That GIF omg yes ME.


    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post ❤
      I do that a lot as well because I'm such a mood reader that it takes me a while to figure out what I want my next read to be haha. And yes!! It's so frustrating sometimes ugh!
      Yes exactly! Characters make or break a book they're so important!! I need to have an emotional attachment to them or the book will just be meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on 200 followers!! 🥰 I actually don’t DNF books often, but I think that sometimes I should just give up on a book 😅 I have however temporarily put down books because I wasn’t in the mood for them and didn’t want to force myself to read them at the wrong time.


    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeah I’ve definitely learnt to listen when I’m not feeling a book. There have definitely been times where I’ve forced myself through a book and then ended up giving it a low rating; to then read it later and find I enjoyed it a lot more.
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats on 200 followers!!!
    I’m also a big DNF-er – I think I’ve DNFed two books so far this month? So I completely relate to this! I think the biggest reason I DNF is not liking the writing style. I can sometimes come to appreciate characters or get in the mood eventually, but if I don’t like the writing starting out, I doubt I’ll like it later on. Short sentences can be annoying, and I’m also really bothered by constant paragraph breaks.
    When each sentence or thought…
    Needs to be in its own line.
    It creates so much white space on the page.
    And it’s really annoying.
    (Okay, I’ll stop.)
    I think DNFing is great because it gives me more time to read books that I’ll actually like! I’m a big advocate for DNFing and I always encourage it if you’re not enjoying what you’re reading 😀


    1. Ahh thanks Margaret – really appreciate it!!
      Same as me then pretty much! Writing style is definitely a huge one because it carries on throughout the book – characters can change (sometimes) but writing style will remain the same so I feel like I can guarantee I won’t like it?
      Paragraph breaks!!
      I didn’t even think about that
      but it’s so annoying when
      each different sentence is a new paragraph.
      I feel like it’s done to look arty and unique but it’s just annoying to me haha.
      And definitely! I used to force myself through a book but now DNFing is great! Too many books on the tbr list to waste time on books I’m not enjoying!
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❤


  8. Congrats for 200 followers- here’s to many more!! I really get what you mean about being a mood reader. My main reasons for DNFing a book are not liking the writing style and just not caring. Great post!


  9. Congratulations on 200 followers, Emme!! That’s so well-deserved and amazing.🥳 I also loved this post! I don’t DNF too many books anymore, mostly because I never think about DNFing a book until I’m about halfway through, and by then I might as well just finish, but if I do, it’s definitely for these reasons. I think I’m most likely to DNF a book if I don’t like the main character’s voice, too- characters are super important to me as a reader as well.


    1. Thanks so much Olivia!! ❤
      I know what you mean – once I get to the halfway mark I'm definitely more reluctant to DNF a book because I feel like I'm already almost done. Depends how long the book is though because if the halfway mark still leaves me with another 300 pages that's a whole contemporary book haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. congrats on 200 followers, Emme! you deserve it so much 🥺🥺 ok is this me?? because these are all reasons i don’t like a book LMAO. but i rarely dnf books because i don’t want the time i spent reading them to be wasted, and sometimes it’s nice to just rip a book apart 😌😌 my issue with most books lately is that i just don’t care! and it’s because i can’t connect to the characters! what i like when it comes to characters is very specific lmao. i only like morally grey and competent ones ajfkjdfkjdf i really should lower my expectations for books i rarely ever enjoy them anymore 🥴🥴


    1. ahh thanks so much caitlin!! <3<3
      that’s literally where i’m at at the moment. i decided i wanted to dnf yesterday but i’m over halfway through so i’m making myself carry on. i’m super quick to dnf usually but when it’s over 50% i feel like i have to find out what happens for past me’s sake haha.
      i’m finding it so hard to connect to characters at the moment as well it sucks. it’s honestly since i read six of crows. no other characters compare honestly, that duology has ruined me.
      and same my expectations used to be so low and i gave everything 4-5 stars but lately i either dnf or give lower ratings than I’d like🥴

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Ahh all the congratulations on the followers, this is so wonderful ❤ ❤
    I rarely DNF books, but I think I've been fairly lucky in terms of choosing my reads lately. I think I'm lucky enough to feel the kind of book I'm in the mood to, so once I get to it, I don't tend to give it up, but…. well if I ever pick up a book and I'm not feeling it, I'll put it aside, life's too short to read books we don't feel like reading at the moment 😀


    1. Thanks so much Marie! ❤
      Oh I used to be the same – I'm such a mood reader and for a while I had it down and knew exactly what book to pick out (so most of my reads tended to be 3.5-5 stars which was great!). Nowadays I seem to have lost that knack though haha. And definitely – life's too short and there are too many books for that!

      Liked by 1 person

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