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THE JUNE 2020 RECAP: michelle obama made me DNF too many books

Remember when I said in this post that I wanted to stop DNFing books? Yeah me neither lets ignore that :)).

It’s time for another monthly recap! (which is the craziest thing HOW is it July already??) I’m genuinely surprised because it does not feel like 6 months have passed since January. But apparently they have. So, without further ado, let’s talk about my June 2020!

What books did I read in June?

June was an okay? reading month because the books I did read were really good but I just couldn’t! decide! what to read next. And so I kept starting books and then deciding I wasn’t in the mood for it (perks of being a mood reader) a few pages in. But anyway. Here are the books I did read in full!

Becoming by Michelle Obama ★★★★
This has been on my tbr for the longest time and I loved it!! Michelle Obama is so motivational and inspiring honestly. Highly recommend.
This is actually the book that put me in the slump because it was so good, I just didn’t know what to read next. It also made me want to read more non-fiction so if you have recommendations please tell me!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling ★★★★
First of all, can I just say even though I will forever love Harry Potter, it’s a huge no from me to J.K. Rowling. She has proved herself to be incredibly problematic time and time again. Thankfully I already have all the books so won’t be contributing to her income or anything!
But anyway, this was a reread (duh) alongside the Swish and Flick podcast which I absolutely love and highly recommend (a podcast post will probably come at some point!!).

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord ★★★☆ (4.5)
I mean it’s in the title really – this was the cutest book. I had so much fun reading this and literally flew through it (which is fab because all bar one of the books I DNF’d came before this). Pepper and Jack were just so cute (I need more words). Loved it and it deserves the hype!!

I also mentioned that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to read, and so in between Becoming and Tweet Cute (Goblet of Fire I’ve been reading since May) I DNF’d 3 books and started 1. Then read Tweet Cute. Then DNF’d another book. Oops. :))
And now I’m reading Leah on the Offbeat before Love, Creekwood!!

  1. Cinder, The Lunar Chronicles I decided I wanted to read Scarlett (book #2 in the series) and so I thought I’d read the first one to recap. Changed my mind 20% through, found a recap online and then moved on to Scarlet.
  2. Scarlet Started this. Decided I didn’t want to read it because I didn’t like Scarlet or Wolf and I didn’t care about what happened to any of the characters (stopped at 43%).
  3. My Life Next Door Started this one next. Again, should have listened to my bad reading habits (judging books by their covers, books with photos of people are generally not very good). Got about 16% through and decided I didn’t like the MC or love interest. What was with the zoo room??? Just thought that was a bit weird and it got a no from me. In contemporaries I need to like the love interest or it’s a no go.
  4. Queenie DNF’d this one after Tweet Cute, so there’s no picture of this one because I literally decided not to read it yesterday (30th). I just don’t love adult books? I think it was the full on sex scene that I wasn’t expecting and I am a ~child~. But I also just couldn’t relate because I’m a teenager doing my A-levels whereas she’s at work going for drinks with coworkers you know?

As for the book I started, it was 50 Politics Classics which I’m still reading and is actually quite good, albeit a bit boring at times. Wouldn’t recommend unless you’re really interested in politics (it goes through famous political books/papers that have shaped history/politics today and summarises them). #PersonalStatementAndUniApplications

  • Had my Year 12 mock exams which is why I was so absent on the blog this month. Was just revising the whole month really (fun!!). Have only got one exam back so far (A* which was such a shock???) Fingers crossed the rest go just as well too (but I doubt it because that was my best one by farrrr).
  • Started watching Netflix again rather than just YouTube. Am re-watching How I Met Your Mother (love this show SO much) and am carrying on with The Big Bang Theory (season 11 – although 12 isn’t on Netflix). Also finished Peter Kay’s Car Share which is on BBC iPlayer if you’re in the UK and I love it.
  • Sitting outside in the garden because the UK weather has been really nice!! Slightly too hot at times if I’m honest but sunny!
  • Literally nothing else don’t even need to say why:)).

How did I do on my June goals?

  • Work on my mental health ✓
    I had a specific goal in mind for this and like yes and no? I took some steps forward, then some back, and then had a bit of a positive mindset shift again. So like kind of. Still very much a work in progress.
  • Grow my Instagram to 1700 followers
    This was for my business account and I did grow it a little bit (+120 followers this month) but it’s fine because I had 0 time to focus on it because of my exams. I do graphic design and illustration and have an Instagram page for it, which I was in a bit of a rut with, but now I feel like I sort of have more of a direction?
  • Revise for my exams ✓✓✓
    I actually did study every day before the exams which I’m so happy with. Hopefully it pays off with my grades (not that confident with two of them tbh).
  • Go for more regular walks
    Who needs vitamin D anyway?
Spoiler Me. I need Vitamin D. I did sit in the garden like twice though so?? It’s more just the exercise I’m missing out on oops. Although saying that, I do yoga everyday so like swings and roundabouts.

What goals am I setting for July?

  • Mental health!! Again, I have this same goal in mind!
  • 1700 followers Same goal again! These follower goals aren’t ‘proper’ goals though because I’m not that bothered if I don’t reach them. It’s just fun for me to reach a target.
  • Stop picking my nails I’ve started picking my nails more again lately. Maybe due to stress? But I need to stop. My skin has also broken out (stress + tiredness) which sucks because it was so clear for ages.
  • Work on my EPQ This is for school but I’ve really neglected this. A lot of people at my school have written their first draft (5000 words min, no max word count) and I’ve only written 700. So. Hoping to have finished a first draft and had feedback by the end of July (minimum).
  • Go for one walk a week (minimum) This is actually really really terrible that this is a goal. But I just hate walks they’re so boring. I’m genuinely worried though with my anxiety that I’m going to find it really hard to go out more once lockdown is over, so I want to start building it up again and getting used to be out more!

And that’s all for my June 2020 recap!

How was your June? Are you worried at all about leaving lockdown (or are things opening again where you are)? What was your fave book of the month? And do you have any non-fiction recommendations?


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21 thoughts on “THE JUNE 2020 RECAP: michelle obama made me DNF too many books

  1. I ADORE Michelle Obama and thought her book was absolutely amazing!! I couldn’t put it down, which was problematic because I was in school and had, ya know, work to be doing, but oh well 😂 Also totally relate to the whole walk thing, literally every morning I tell myself to go on a walk but instead end up eating Cheerios and playing animal crossing, whoops! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we both get goin and actually achieve our walking goals this month 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yes it’s so good – hope the audiobook is good! I’ve never actually tried an audiobook but I definitely want to give one a go and see how I find it. I’m just so fussy with voices haha. And yes to Tweet Cute I loved it! I saw you asked about what to read next on Twitter and a couple people suggested it so hope you enjoy it if you do read it!
      Thanks Isla! Hope you have a great July!


  2. you are one intelligent & productive queen, & i’m sure your hard work will pay off ❤ ❤ also, my skin has broken out a little too i hate it. but i think it's because of the sweat from chloe ting workouts lmao i'm allergic to my own sweat 🙃
    hope you have an amazing July!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw thanks so much that’s so sweet!!
      omg maybe haha, but that’s definitely a good reason to break out! i could just remedy mine with sleep but i doubt that will happen because i’m such a night owl🥴😂
      thanks so much Caitlin – you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. NZ went into level 1 on June 8 ish so that’s basically normal, so I guess that’s a bit weird but slowly getting back to normal has been good? I absolutely loved Becoming and I’m glad you did too, it’s super inspiring and I definitely want to find more books like it! Other nonfiction books I like are productivity/business books? And ahh that’s great about your exams, hope July goes well for you!


  4. I hope you have a great July!❤️ I’m sorry about the books you DNF’d this month :// but even though it caused a slump I’m glad you enjoyed Becoming!! And this post has made me really want to do a Harry Potter reread alongside the Swish and Flick podcast so I might do that soon. Good luck with all your goals and congrats on being done with your exams! xx


    1. Thank you, you too!!
      I hate DNFing books honestly because I feel bad for not giving them a chance, but I feel like it’s just me being such a mood reader – it’s been such a hindrance lately because I just don’t know what I’m in the mood for!
      Yess Becoming is so good and I’m loving rereading HP too! I saw on your recap that your planning on rereading them so hope you enjoy when you do! I need to do a film rewatch soon because I’ve totally forgotten the films.
      Thanks Olivia! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. i loved becoming a lot! i don’t know if you have already watched the netflix documentary, but it’s equally good and i really liked how they intertwined real stories of young girls with michelle’s own story. after reading this one, i also realized i enjoy non-fiction a lot more than i thought initially. one that i do recommend is sorted, by jackson bird. i didn’t know much about him before reading, but i know he’s sort of a big name in the harry potter community. the book is about his journey with identity and gender and i think now is a great time as ever to support trans harry potter fans. it’s one i do recommend!

    my life next door is one of my least favorite books of all times, and looking back, i could’ve probably DNF-ed it. it was so painful getting through it, as both the main character and the love interest were suuuuuper boring and i didn’t really understand why i should be reading about them, lol.

    brazil is still in quarantine, though things are opening back up on my state. the situation is pretty bad in other states, though, and i don’t feel 100% safe going anywhere yet. i’m so used to being at home now that i really have no idea how am i supposed to adjust back to society once things go back to normal, hahah. i don’t even remember how to talk with strangers anymore, lmao!

    i am wishing you luck on your exam results and a great july!


    1. I’m glad you loved it too!! Michelle is so inspiring & yeah I definitely need to watch the documentary soon! & Thanks for the recommendation Lais, will definitely check it out!
      Right oh my gosh it was so boring! I felt bad DNFing it but thankfully I was able to refund the ebook on Amazon and didn’t have to force my way through it. Hate when you don’t like the characters because then it makes it so hard to enjoy the book.
      Oh I’m the same. I’m looking forward to going out more now things are reopening but at the same time I don’t feel that safe doing so, especially when in the UK a lot of areas have been quite busy. And 100% I feel like I’m going to struggle with interacting with people other than my family haha
      Thanks so much, you too!


  6. So happy to hear that you also enjoyed Becoming! I read it earlier this year and agree that it’s so inspiring! It took me a bit longer to read was such an insightful book ❤ Good luck with your exams, I hope they went well 🙏 I also share your opinion on walks – I find them very boring as well 😅 I’m working a bit on going jogging regularly and that works better for me! 😊


    1. Yes it was so inspiring, I really loved it (even if it did take a bit longer to read and put me in a slump haha). Thanks Caro!
      And that’s cool! I’ve never really tried jogging but I don’t know if I’d like it because I’m not that sporty haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ah you had such a great reading month!! Very much smiling at that high Tweet Cute rating which is one of my absolute faves ❤

    I am… not prepared for becoming am I?? Ah send help

    Hope your exams go well, crossing fingers for you xx


    1. Yes it’s so good isn’t it!! I really loved it.
      Becoming is so good too – for totally different reasons but I really enjoyed it, and also found it so informative/inspiring.
      Thanks so much – I’m really happy with the results!
      Hope you have a great July!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Well that is certainly an attention getting post title 😂 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Becoming so much, even if it did put you in a bit of a slump! I also thought Tweet Cute was the cutest thing, and I flew through it too. Ahaha I relate to your vitamin D dilemma 😅
    Good luck with all of your July goals, and happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sounds click bait but wasn’t😉
      Both of those books were so brilliant but for totally different reasons, and I can definitely see myself rereading them (especially Tweet Cute which could become another comfort read!)
      Thanks for reading and commenting Margaret and hope you have a great July too!


    1. Oh thanks so much!
      The Becoming documentary actually looks really good so I definitely need to get to it! I never seem to watch longer films/documentaries on Netflix though so who knows how long it will take me to watch it haha. Hope you enjoy it!
      Thanks for reading and commenting Tasya<3


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