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4 Less Than Ideal Reading Habits I Have (#self-improvement:)

Something I’ve noticed recently is that some of the reading habits I have are so!! inconvenient?? And given that I’m going to try and better myself, and stop these bad habits, I figured I’d write about them on the blog and hold myself accountable!

DNF’ing books without giving them a chance.

This is a habit that I’ve only recently developed but it’s really annoying? I used to be that person that would force myself through a book once I’d started it, even if I hated it. And then I’d end up getting myself in a slump because I didn’t enjoy reading. So whilst I’m glad I’ve stopped that, I’ve now gone to the other end of the spectrum and keep dnf’ing after only a couple chapters/pages?
For example, here are 5 books that I dnf’d recently!!

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: *hides from the hype* I am so sorry about this one!! I wanted to love it but I just idk? I gave up after 2 chapters because it just felt really sad and I just wasn’t in the mood to be sad (and I also felt like maybe it could be a trigger for my anxiety). Maybe I’ll give it a go another time when I’m in the mood for it? Don’t hate me!!
  • Warcross: This is another one that was super hyped when it came out but I just didn’t love the writing? And the game concept kind of confused me.
  • Turtles All The Way Down: This is one I will not be trying again because with my OCD it was actually quite triggering for me. Should have expected it but it’s fine, it was only 99p.
  • The Elite: The Selection series I just.. book 1 I kind of hated but I also wanted to know what happened so I sped through it. But book 2 was just more of the same and so!! repetitive!! Why was the castle so poorly protected?? Why was America so annoying?? Why was the castle so poorly protected?? Why was America so annoying?? It was just telling rather than showing the whole time and I just got frustrated. Oops.

Whispering aloud when I read.

This sounds a bit weird but for some reason I really struggle to just read in my head? I always have to whisper the words out loud or mouth the words? I’d love for you to let me know if you’re the same because this is one I have never seen anyone else do haha.
I’m trying to stop though because I read so much for school, leisure etc & my throat is constantly sore.
I really need to stop.

Buying new books when I don’t!! need!! new!! books!!

I have lately taken to just scrolling Amazon and buying books? All the time. Admittedly I don’t have as many books as most bookstagrammers/book bloggers I’ve seen but I still do not need more books!!
I need to remind myself to spend my reading time actually reading the books I’ve read rather than buying new ones??
I am actually planning on doing a book haul/rating predictions post soon though!

I judge books by their covers.

Oops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I do this all the time but I am going try and work on this more!!
I am really bad at judging books by their covers to the point that I literally won’t buy a book if the cover is ugly (even if it sounds pretty good??).
Anything with people on the cover especially (photos of real people, not illustrations – unless its a biography) just make me cringe and are a nope. I tried to remedy this by picking up The Selection (which did not make me change my mind – should have judged the book by its cover with this one) and My Life Next Door (not got to this one yet).

And that’s all of the habits!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know if you have any of the same habits?! Or if not, what are your reading habits that you want to work on? <3.


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46 thoughts on “4 Less Than Ideal Reading Habits I Have (#self-improvement:)

  1. That’s an amazing post, Emme!! I laughed so much my cheeks hurt.

    #1 With you on The Selection series… (Americaaa urgh)
    I’ve started reading The Kingdom of Back (was so crazy to get it!!) but I ended up not going past 30% and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it.

    #3 OOOHMAIGAHH YESS. I mean no. I mean, CAN SOMEONE MAKE US STOP??! Getting more books than you need is almost worse than not getting enough.

    #4 Yes to everything you said. Is it really bad to judge a book by its cover? If not enough effort was put into arranging its outside, why should the inside be any better? (that’s what goes on in my mind when I rule out ugly books xD)

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    1. Ahh I’m so glad you liked it – that’s so lovely to hear!
      Ughhh America was so frustrating!! I really wanted to love it and I liked the premise, but I just kind of hated it oops.
      I haven’t heard of that one but I’m sorry it fell short of your expectations! Maybe try it again when you’re in the mood for it? Sometimes I find that books I know I’ll love just aren’t what I’m looking for at the time but will be later down the line!
      We need to stop!! I feel like #3&4 are such universal bookworm problems haha. And omg I’ve never thought of that!! But you’ve exactly articulated my thoughts with ugly book covers!
      Thanks so much for reading and your comment! ❤

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  2. I’ve also gotten to the point where I might DNF books after only a few chapters, but personally I think it’s a great thing! If you’re not enjoying the beginning, odds are you’re probably not going to enjoy the rest of the book.
    And, well, who hasn’t judged books by their covers? 😂 Ahaha I relate to not wanting to pick up a book with an ugly cover – even though it might not be the best way of judging, it always feels like it is, doesn’t it??

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    1. Yeah I guess it’s not a bad thing from that perspective! I’m quite torn with this one actually because I agree with what you said, but part of me just feels bad for not giving it a chance?!
      And yeah definitely – I think every bookworm has at some point!
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  3. Lol, I’m very guilty of #4. I think it’s inevitable to judge books by their covers, and I almost always pass on books with ugly covers. It’s not the best, especially since I don’t even look at the blurb if the cover doesn’t catch my interest. I might be missing a hidden gem, but in the moment, I don’t really care. Defintiely got to work on that lol

    This was such a fun post though and I had so much fun reading it!!

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    1. Yeah definitely – I think as humans we just naturally are drawn to pretty things?! I do need to work on it though – because like you said, it could be a hidden gem! I think that’s the case for lesser-known books as well which maybe didn’t have the budget for a super fancy cover – so I feel bad for skipping it but I just can’t help it?!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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  4. This was very relatable! I most definitely judge books by their covers and I don’t know how to stop.👀 I’m also the same with DNFing books, mostly! I wouldn’t say I DNF books enough for me to notice it as a bad habit exactly, but if I’m going to stop reading a book, it’ll definitely be after the first few pages instead of me actually giving it a chance, haha. Such a fun post, Emme!

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    1. Yeah! I feel like DNFing a book isn’t bad as such because if I’m not feeling a book I’m not feeling it you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I always *feel* bad for not giving it a chance like you said!?
      Thanks for reading and commenting Olivia! ❤

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  5. loved reading this post, emme!! omg when i was really little, i used to mouth the words as i read, and my parents noticed, and told me to stop, so i trained myself not to 😂😂 i can’t imagine actually having to whisper the words as you read though. your poor throat! 😅 also, i relate to that buying books thing so much. i don’t buy as much as other people do, and i only buy ebooks, because i’m Very Broke, but i’m trying to read more from my backlist TBR, but i always get distracted by shiny new releases, ahhhh

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    1. Ahh yay – so glad you enjoyed reading it!
      My parents (and teachers) used to tell me to stop all the time and I wish little 7/8 year old me chose to listen rather than making it a habit that’s so!! hard!! to stop. 😅 Oh yeah same – I am definitely an ebook person. The Amazon deals are just so satisfying – I literally haven’t bought a book that’s more than £2 for ages (which is why it takes me so long to get to new releases haha). But that also means I can justify buying loads – I have about a 10 book backlog on my kindle which is nothing compared to others. But to me that’s so many!

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  6. Ah I have such a bad habit of judging books by their covers, too. Mostly, I just won’t be interested in a book if it has a cover that doesn’t appeal to me. I won’t even look into what the book is about (🙈). I need to get better at this!

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  7. I also judge books by their cover… I try so hard not to, so I’ll sometimes read the synopsis of books that I think are “ugly” or less “aesthetically pleasing”, but if a book has a pretty cover I’m more inclined to pick it up.

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    1. I definitely need to make more an effort not too – I’m so bad at completely skipping past them on Amazon haha.
      & Even if it has a good synopsis I just don’t feel like picking it up if the cover is ugly – I don’t know what it is?!

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  8. I feel called out by this post 😂 I used to stick with books no matter what, but lately I’ve DNFed them sometimes just a few pages in. I honestly don’t really feel bad about it? But I should definitely gives books a fair chance before judging them so harshly, lol!

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    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one?? I am a bit on the fence with this one whether it’s good or bad. I don’t want to force myself through a book I’m not enjoying (like I used to) but I also feel like I’m not giving them a proper chance?!

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  9. This is such a great post! I added Aristotle & Dante to my TBR. Sounds good! Hope I have better luck getting into it than you did. Sorry you couldn’t get into Turtles. I liked that one a lot.

    I am totally ok if I decide after a few pages to DNF a book because there are 2,150 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf and not enough life to read them all, so if a book doesn’t grab me right away, I’ve got to move on to the next one.

    I do not normally whisper as I read, but I have found that if I’m having major problems focusing on a book, it helps if I read it out loud…like, to my cat…who kind of seems to like it????

    I can totally relate to #3 and #4. I cannot stand a book with a real photo and real people on the covers. Hire yourself an illustrator for crying out loud!! There are student illustrators who will do it for cheap, just to rack up some legit credits in the publishing world.


  10. Great Post! 😊 I feel like I have the opposite problem wherein I push myself to finish books instead of DNF’ing them 😅 I have kind off gotten better at it because sometimes I’m really not in the mood for a particular book, so I might pick it up again later. And Ohh the Selection books, I loved them back in the day but I’m not sure how I would like them now 😂

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  11. HAHAHA I’m on the other spectrum to you – I am insanely stubborn with DNFing books. I usually push through to the very end & figure that if it all goes pear-shaped, at least I’ll have some evidence to write a lovely rant review 😂 Also, UGH – The Selection series is the worst & America is so annoying. The only reason I finished it was because I’d already forked out money for the whole series & I didn’t want to waste my hard earned cash 😂

    I’m with you on the ugly covers – how I get around it is if a book I really want to read has a cringey cover, I’ll buy the ebook & read it on my Kindle instead 😜

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    1. Oh I used to be the same!! And I yeah I would have been compelled to finish them if I’d paid full price definitely. Luckily a lot of books I read tend to be 99p (thank you Kindle offers!) and The Selection was on my Scribd free trial so I was happy to just DNF that one! Part of me still wants to know what happens though so I need to find a summary somewhere😂
      Haha that’s such a good solution! I honestly always read ebooks though so I don’t why covers just bother me??
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  12. i think we can all relate to judging books by their covers haha!! i mean… covers are meant to draw you in and get interested in the book so it’s really not our fault 🥰 but ah yes i do hope you’re able to go back to ari and dante when it won’t be triggering to you!! it’s a truly beautiful book ❤


    1. definitely haha – i think it’s just a natural inclination to enjoy pretty covers haha. and i guess you’re right, judging books by them kind of is the purpose of them!
      hopefully i’ll enjoy it if i do go back to it – just need to be in the mood for it!
      thanks for reading and commenting may💞

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  13. Ahh I love this so much, what a fun idea. I’m definitely guilty of judging books by their covers, I mean…. there’s nothing we can do about that, I’m so weak with a beautiful book cover, ahahah 🙂


  14. Ah I remember seeing people in school doing the whispering aloud thing when reading, I think a lot of them did it to remember where they were in the book and it helped them process what they were reading? Not sure though as I’ve always been able to read in my head haha *passes you throat sweets for your sore throat* I can’t imagine how sore your throat must get tho lovely ❤ I'm guilty of just buying books, I'm trying to stop that now though as I want to be more intentional and mindful with the books I'm buying haha.

    DNFing books, if I'm going to DNF it tends to happen between the 20-100 page mark, I used to read the book even if I hated it. Now though I have a system of giving a book 100 pages of grace and if I'm still not loving it then DNF it goes. Though I also put certain books on hold if I know it's me hitting a bit of a slump xD


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