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Welcome back?? If you even remember my blog to start with?? It’s been around two years since I posted on here (well not here, but another blog with a v similar name) and since then, WordPress has changed and become weirdly confusing. Um.

So much has changed and I don’t understand how the new WordPress works?? What is a block and how do you enter without starting a new one?? So many question marks, so many questions, but also excitement!!

I’ve (figured out how to enter 😉 missed blogging a lot lately and have been really eager to restart this book blog, and so here we are. Hi, hello, hey.

I haven’t been reading much lately (SHOCK HORROR) and I am kind of mad at myself for it?? I do have reasons though, I promise:

Reading slump: They SuCk. They do. I’m not one to buy books for the TBR pile and then leave them for 10 years – I buy a book when I’m about to read it – on my Kindle. I know – I prefer ebooks :// And due to this slump I ended up with around 5 books in my library that I haven’t read and had no plan to actually read?? I kept starting them, and nothing, I was just bored?? They were even hyped books and I just could not get into them?? Even my absolute favourites – rereads that I will recommend to everyone – The Hate U Give, Caraval, This Savage Son just weren’t… it? It was horrible. But I’ve picked up one of those books (my kindle) recently – The Night Circus and it seems to have done it?? Hopefully?? I’m about 44% through and I’m LOVING it at the moment so cross fingers the slump is over.

Exams: For those of you who aren’t in the UK – I’m 16 and so I’m doing my GCSE exams which are kind of important?? And so revision, especially in these last few weeks during the exams has been my main priority. And so I haven’t had much time to read over the last year or so anyway – reading so much information during the day to revise meant I really didn’t want to read any more words than I had to – which again, sUckS. But my exams are almost finished (20/24 COMPLETE) and then I can focus my time on doing things I enjoy?? Which will be great


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  1. Haha, what do you think of the WordPress blocks?? I wasn’t sure about them at first, but I think they might actually be better than what it was like when I first figured things out.
    Oh my goodness, yes I have definitely been in a reading slump before. Usually what happens is I start several books in a row that I don’t finish because they’re not good for me and then I have a slight crisis of whether or not I will find the right books ever again.
    Ahh, The Night Circus! I need to read that. I’ve heard so so many good things about it. The author has another book coming out this year! Have you read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas? I liked it more than THUG.
    Also CONGRATS on your exams!!!!

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    1. They’re so confusing but I’m sure I’ll like them once I get my head round them haha.
      Reading slumps are horrible, mine often start in a similar way. Or if I have such a large immediate TBR that I get overwhelmed haha.
      The Night Circus is amazing – can’t believe I waited so long to start it!! I’m definitely going to be reading the author’s second book, apparently it’s about underground libraries which sounds incredible??
      No I haven’t read it yet! It’s on my TBR! So many people have said the same thing as you so I’m nervous to read it?? What if I don’t like it and it doesn’t live up to the hype?!
      Thanks so much!!

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  2. I understand going through a pretty long reading slump and just this year I’ve gotten back into reading and it’s been such a wonderful experience for me! Can’t wait to see more posts from you and welcome back!! 🤗💕✨

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  3. Welcome back to blogging! I totally understand you about reading slumps – they are THE WORST. It can really be hard to get yourself to read when you’re in one. And also, I LOVE The Night Circus! I hope that you end up enjoying it as much as I did 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kat!
      YES reading slumps are so horrible – especially when you don’t have much time! It’s so frustrating finding the time to read but then any books you try to read just not being enjoyable??
      The Night Circus was amazing!! It’s so frustrating that I read the first half in a reading slump so it took me a while to get into it. But I’m so glad I stuck to it because I loved it!

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